"Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

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"Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

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Les gave me permission to re-post his stories. It follows

"Cheerleader Initiation".

I re-post this story in the original version as posted on the ASN board. The exclusive copyright of the following story remains with Les.
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"Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

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Copyright (c) Les. All rights reserved.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 1
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:31

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 1

Janice was excited. Cheerleading tryouts were over. Of the 30 freshman girls that had tried out for the squad, only six remained. They all sat nervously on the bench while a small group of cheerleaders conferred with each other, comparing notes. Finally, two cheerleaders came over to address the nervous freshman girls.

“Congratulations, ladies! We’ve made our final cuts and you’re all still here. As you may know, we accept only a small number of freshmen to be probationary members of the cheerleading squad. You girls have the beauty, poise, and raw skill to be considered for one of the most highly rated squads in the state. If you’re willing to work hard and learn new skills, you’ll have a chance to prove yourselves and become full members of the squad. Your probationary period will last the entire first season you’re here. You will practice with the squad each day, participate in team-building exercises, and undergo an initiation. If you are successful, you will begin your sophomore years as regular cheerleaders,” Nancy Miller, the team captain announced. “Any questions?”

Amy raised her hand. “Nancy, what does it mean to be a probationary member? Will we be cheering with the squad at games?”

“Good question, Amy. You will be backups for the squad. You will be in uniform and on the field for every game. If someone is hurt or otherwise unavailable for a game, one of you will replace her. You will also participate in all other cheerleader functions. You will attend fundraisers, wear your uniforms to school on uniform day, and travel with the squad. You will not be regulars on the field, however, until you’ve completed your freshman year,” Nancy answered.

Jill raised her hand. “What is the initiation you mentioned?” This was the question that was on every girl’s mind. Jill, being a little bolder than the others, was the only one brave enough to ask this question.

“Good question, Jill. In the past, the initiation was called hazing. Most colleges around the country have banned hazing. We think this is an important bonding experience that will teach you to put the team above yourself and allow you to demonstrate your team attitude. It will be mostly a series of minor embarrassments. You can minimize these by working together as a team. Each of you will face individual embarrassing circumstances and you will face other embarrassing experiences as a group. Your behavior in dealing with these circumstances will make you better squad members.”

“Um, what kind of embarrassing experiences are you talking about? Can you give us an example?” Jill asked.

“Sure thing, Jill. This question comes up every year, so I brought some examples,” Nancy answered. She handed a large manila envelope to each freshman girl. “If you’ll open your envelopes you’ll see our squad’s team pictures from the last five years. Every year at the start of the season we have the Photography Club take our team pictures. You should be able to pick out the freshman girls easily enough,” she chuckled.

The girls opened their envelopes and there was a collective gasp. Each picture showed the cheerleaders lined up, in uniform. In each picture, though, there were several girls completely naked. The myth about cheerleaders not being too bright notwithstanding, each girl realized that it was the freshmen cheerleaders that were nude in the pictures.

“That’s it, I’m out of here. I ain’t posing nude for you or anyone else!” one of the freshman girls said. She tossed her pictures on the ground and stormed off. A few seconds later another girl left. She was more polite in her exit, handing her packet of pictures to Nancy and thanking her for the opportunity. She explained that she just didn’t want to be a cheerleader badly enough to pose for nude pictures.

“Anyone else?” Nancy asked. The remaining four girls said nothing, each consumed with thoughts about how embarrassing that photo shoot would be. “Good. You can see from this little example why we think the initiation is so important. We would have invested lots of time in those two, teaching them routines, etc. only to find out they are not really team players. If you want to be on this squad, you will be posing for a picture just like this. Everyone on the team has done it. It’s really not all that embarrassing. If you look closely at the pictures you’ll see I’m in the one dated 2003. I survived,” Nancy said with a laugh.

“Also, if you look closely at the pictures, you’ll see that our freshmen have something else in common besides not having a uniform on for the pictures. Who can tell me what it is?” Nancy asked.

“None of these naked girls has pubic hair!” Denise said.

“Very good, Denise. The freshmen girls are required to shave down there and keep it hair-free throughout their freshman year. Each of you will need to do that tonight. You will be inspected in the locker room after tomorrow’s practice. If you don’t comply with this, you’ll be off the squad. Does anyone have a reason why they can’t shave tonight?’ Nobody answered. “Good. Tomorrow after practice and your shower, you four are not to get dressed. Just wrap a towel around yourself and sit on the bench in front of your locker. You’ll prove you’ve shaved and get more information about the initiation,” Nancy said. The freshmen girls were a little uncomfortable about this but their desire to be cheerleaders was stronger than the embarrassment they felt at the moment.

“Excellent. Please pass the pictures back up here. We don’t want anyone seeing those. Get a good night’s sleep and we’ll see you back here tomorrow at 2:00. Oh yeah! Be careful shaving, ladies,” Nancy said with a laugh and headed to the locker room.

The four freshman cheerleaders walked off the field together. The moment was awkward. Each girl was embarrassed by the thought of having to shave her self and remain shaved throughout the year. They chattered about the initiation and the idea that they would be posing naked for the team picture. The general consensus was that they could survive a little embarrassment for the initiation and it would all be worth it to be full members of the cheerleading squad.

The following afternoon the girls went to the locker room after classes. There were sheepish grins all around as each girl knew the others had removed their pubic hair. The other cheerleaders smirked at them, too. Since they had all been through this initiation, everyone in the locker room also knew about the girls intimate grooming. They got their uniforms and assigned lockers. One of the benefits of being a cheerleader was a permanently assigned locker in the gym locker room. The four freshmen had lockers in a row just inside the door. Each girl sat on the bench and changed into uniform and hit the field for practice. After two hours of practicing the fundamentals and receiving a book describing the routines they would learn, the squad hit the showers. Janice couldn’t help but notice that many of the girls had spent some time grooming their pubic hair. She saw girls with neat trims and girls that had shaved some of their hair. Only the four freshmen were completely bald down there, though.

After showering the four girls sat awkwardly, wrapped in towels, as the other girls on the squad left. Eventually, Nancy and another girl came over to speak with them. “Girls, this is Carrie. She is a sophomore. Last year she went through the same initiation you’re about to go through. She will be your coach and will guide you through the initiation. Pay close attention to what she tells you. Remember you need to get though the initiation to become a full member of the squad. They’re all yours, Carrie,” Nancy said and headed out the door.

“Hello girls. Welcome to the freshman class of the State Cheerleaders,” Carrie said with a smile. Each girl nervously said hello to her. “I can see you’re all a little nervous and I’m sure you’re all anxious to know what your initiation will be like, so let’s just jump right in, OK? Each of you had an assignment to complete yesterday. Let’s see how you did. Towels off, ladies, and stand for inspection.”

The four girls nervously stood and removed their towels, revealing their nude bodies. Each girl had complied with yesterday’s instructions and there wasn’t a pubic hair in sight.

“Excellent. You can all follow orders. Now bring those towels over to the laundry basket and toss them in. No talking please, and when you’re done, just sit on the bench in front of your locker.” The girls did as instructed and were soon sitting naked on the bench waiting for Carrie to continue.

“Throughout your initiation you will be constantly reminded that you’re not cheerleaders yet. You will be some day if you can learn your routines correctly, but you’re not today. You’re just extras today. Got it?” Carrie didn’t pause for an answer. “Now, since you’re new to the squad, I expect you to be the first ones in the locker room for practice and on game day. That will demonstrate your enthusiasm for being part of this team. I’ll explain all about demerits in a little while. For now, just know that you will get a demerit if you are not in the locker room before the first full member of the squad arrives. You’ll come in, remove your clothes, place them in the locker, and then sit on your bench until the squad arrives. Any questions?” Carrie asked.

Amy raised her hand. She was the most shy of the four freshmen. “So, you want us to just sit here in our underwear and wait for the squad to arrive?” She was blushing brightly as she asked the question.

“No, Amy, that’s not quite right. You will put your clothes, including your underwear, in your locker. You will be sitting on your benches just like you are now, while the squad arrives,” Carrie answered. Amy was obviously unhappy with the answer. Carrie saw the expression on her face continued. “Look, Amy, this is a locker room. Everyone gets naked in here at some point. Freshmen are different, though, and freshmen will be naked in here more than the full cheerleaders will. OK? Can I continue?” she said, looking directly at Amy. Embarrassed, Amy nodded.

“Good. Now, since you will not be a full part of the team, you won’t need to get on the field in time for warm-ups with the other girls. So, you won’t start dressing until all the girls on the squad are dressed and have left the locker room. It can get kind of hectic in here before a game, so just stay out of the way unless one of the girls needs your help with something.”

“Um, Carrie, can I ask a question?” Janice said meekly. Carrie nodded.

“Well, so far, everything about the initiation involves some type of nudity. Is there going to be more? Nudity, I mean?” Janice asked.

“Actually, yes. The initiation period will involve nudity. The whole point is to make you understand that you’re different. You would agree that being naked makes you different, right? Right now, for example, there are only five of us in the locker room and I’m the only one wearing clothes. Yet, it is you four that feel like you’re different at the moment, right? Look, you’re not going to be made to do anything sexual if that’s what you’re worried about. Cheerleaders are all exhibitionists to some degree. If you’re willing to wear the skimpy uniforms and dance in front of a whole football stadium, you have to be an exhibitionist. During your initiation we’ll just take that whole exhibition thing up a notch. You’ll survive.”

“Carrie, that really doesn’t answer my question. I already know that there will be nudity. We’re naked now and you’ve just told us that we’re going to be sitting around the locker room naked while everyone gets dressed for every game. What I’m asking is will there be more nudity or is this it?” Janice asked.

“There’s more, Janice. I’m going to go through all the rules for the initiation right now. You guys need to just accept that some of this stuff is going to be embarrassing. It’s all in good fun and you’ll get to see next year’s freshmen go through it, too. The girls are going to laugh at you a bit and have some fun at your expense, but that’s really what an initiation is, right?” Carrie explained.

“I’m willing to go along but I think it’s kind of weird, that’s all. I mean, what’s the point of having us sit here naked now besides embarrassing us?” Janice pressed.

“Well, embarrassing you is part of it. It’s also to make it obvious to everyone who the freshmen cheerleaders are. And part of it is just because we can. It’s an initiation. I went through it and so did everyone else. Every year the sophomores get to add something to the initiation but being naked for your orientation has been a part of this for years. Every girl on this squad that joined as a freshman has sat through the talk you’re getting now, naked, just like you are now. And, you guys look very cute sitting there all naked and embarrassed, I might add. Now, can I continue?” Carrie explained patiently.

The girls nodded. Each had their own thoughts but nobody was thinking about quitting just because they were going to be spending time naked in the girls locker room.

“Good. While we’re on the subject of nudity, you guys will be attending the weekly team meeting nude, too. The meetings are in the gym. I’m sorry if you hate it. It’s my contribution to the initiation rules and you guys will be the first to experience it. It’s gonna be so cool to see you guys naked in the gym,” Carrie continued.

The girls were getting a little uncomfortable with this. One asked if anyone besides the cheerleaders would be in the gym.

“Well, sometimes there could be. Teachers mostly, I would think. Maybe the occasional custodian,” Carrie answered. “I guess this would be the appropriate time to tell you that except for freshmen and transfer students, everyone knows about the freshman cheerleader initiation. It’s not officially sanctioned, of course, but it’s definitely condoned. That’s important and you’ll see why in a little bit. For now, just understand that you won’t be in trouble if a teacher sees you partially or fully undressed.” There was no reaction from the girls.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 2
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:33

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 2

“Now, moving on. You girls represent the cheerleaders at all times. So, you are expected to dress nicely at all times. Beginning tomorrow and continuing through the last day of the school year, that means skirts or dresses for you. And that is always, including nights, weekends. You will not put on a pair of pants until next June. You don’t have to dress like hookers but all hemlines are to be well above the knee. Is there any of you that feel you can’t comply with this rule?” Carrie asked.

Each girl thought about this for a moment. Janice knew that she had plenty of clothes that would fit this rule. She figured the other freshmen did, also. She was going to miss wearing jeans but she had no real problem with this rule. She thought it would be easier than spending all the time before games and in team meetings naked. None of the other girls objected.

“Excellent. Now we can get onto the fun part,” Carrie said. “After each practice you girls will draw a piece of paper out of this hat.” Carrie produced a hat and walked to the bench in front of Carrie. “You’ll take a slip of paper and pass the hat along. Don’t tell anyone what is written on your paper. Three of the slips of paper will be blank. The fourth piece of paper will have the letters ‘NU’ written on it. The ‘N’ stands for ‘No’ and the ‘U’ stands for ‘Underwear’. If you draw the paper with the NU on it, you do not wear underwear until the next practice. If you draw the NU on Friday, you come to school Monday without underwear. You’ll all get to wear underwear for the games on Saturdays. Any questions?”

Naturally the girls had a reaction to this. They all began to talk at once. Carrie smiled as she remembered how she had reacted to this part of the initiation talk a year ago. She tried not to laugh at the girls. When she had been on the receiving end of this talk the initiation coordinator laughed at the freshman and she had been very annoyed by it. Of course, now that she was the initiation coordinator she understood the laughter. The four freshmen sitting before her were shocked by her announcement and were all talking excitedly about the requirement to come to school without underwear. The reactions ranged from dismay to outrage. The funny part was that the girls had all momentarily forgotten that they were sitting completely naked. She realized that it was really funny to see naked girls so worried about underwear.

“OK, I know that came as a bit of a shock,” she said, trying to regain some order. “Look, this is really the central part of your initiation. There is more to this than just coming to school without underwear. You’re going to get a chance to work as a team and help each other out. I’m not going to lie to you. This is going to be very embarrassing for each of you. But, if you want to be a cheerleader, you have to go through this.”

“But why? How does having one of us chosen randomly to not wear underwear help us grow as a team? How does it do anything but make us look like sluts?” This question came from Jill. Jill clearly didn’t want to do this.

“Well, there is a bit more to the requirement than just coming to school without undies. Let me explain the whole thing and then we’ll talk about how you can help each other through this. As I do, I’m sure each of you will be asking yourself if you really want to be a cheerleader. That’s OK. We want that to happen. You need to be dedicated to be on the squad. Last year we had 8 freshmen and none of them gave up, even though we all hated this part of the initiation,” Carrie said. The girls nodded and sat quietly for her talk.

“Now, each day, the cheerleaders will try to figure out which one of you is NU. Any cheerleader can check you as for underwear any place she wants. If you don’t allow a girl to check you, you’ll get a demerit. I’ll talk more about demerits in a minute. For now, just understand that demerits are really bad and you don’t want to get any. To check for a bra is pretty simple. A cheerleader will simply run her finger up your back, or your front, to feel for a bra underneath your shirt. A cheerleader can demand to see that you’re not wearing a bra and make you lift or open your blouse if she wants to. It doesn’t happen often, but it can. Most cheerleaders, however, don’t bother with the bra check at all. The panty check is much more embarrassing, and that’s what the girls will almost always do to you. The panty check is very embarrassing. The cheerleader will ask you to lift your skirt. You can expect the girls to make you do this in the most embarrassing places. Cheerleaders will try to goad you into accepting the demerit instead of lifting your skirt. You mustn’t do this. Demerits are really bad, as you’ll see. Trust me on this, it’s better to just lift your skirt when asked, no matter what.”

This comment caused the four girls to break out in chatter again. Carrie thought their reaction was pretty strong but she knew it would get stronger after the demonstration. She reached into the box she had brought with her and removed four mini-skirts. She began speaking as she passed them out. “I will now teach you how to lift your skirt for a panty inspection. Please slip the skirt on and remain standing,” Carrie said. She paused while the girls put the skirts on. She enjoyed the girl’s reaction when they realized just how short the skirts were. Soon, four girls stood dressed only in skirts.

“Ok, everybody looks ready. Now, with your hands at your sides, grasp the hem of your skirt with each hand. This is how you’ll start the panty check. Now, when you lift the skirt, you bring both hands straight up. If you’re wearing a skirt, you need to bring it all the way up. Right up until the waistband stops it from going higher. Try it now,” she said. The girls let out a collective gasp when they realized how revealing this was. Everything below the waist, front and back was displayed. Carrie suppressed a giggle as she watched the four girls standing with their skirts held high. “If you’re wearing a dress, you grasp the hem, just like a skirt, and bring your hands right up to your armpits. Like this,” Carrie pantomimed raising her hem to her armpits. “I should also mention that if your blouse is tucked into your skirt, you must untuck before you lift your skirt.”

“Ok girls, lower your skirts. When you’re being checked, you will raise your skirt and hold it there for three seconds. Count ‘one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand’ and then lower your skirt. Let’s try it,” she said. She walked to Denise, the first girl in line, and smiled. “Panty check.” Denise blushed brightly as she raised her skirt. Carrie corrected her form and had her practice it several times until she had it right. “Very good Denise. You can put the skirt back in the box, please.” She moved onto the next girl and repeated the process. Finally, she had coached all four girls and they were, once again, nude and seated.

“Now I know you have questions about this, so let’s get them answered,” Carrie said,

Janice went first. “So, any cheerleader can make us expose ourselves like this any place they want to, at any time?”

“That’s correct,” Carrie answered.

“Are we still expected to do this if we’re not wearing underwear?” Amy asked.

“Yes, you are. Each cheerleader can only ask one freshman a day for an underwear check. Once a girl is identified as the NU girl, though, any cheerleader can demand a panty check as often as she wants. That’s why teamwork is so important. You have to help each other not get identified as the NU girl,” Carrie answered.

“Wait! You mean if I don’t have underwear on and the whole squad knows it, I’m still going to be asked to do the panty check thing? Why?” Janice asked.

“Well, once we know who isn’t wearing underwear, we’ll all pick on that girl and try to get her to accept demerits. We all know how embarrassing it is to lift our skirts when were not wearing panties and we’ll use it to assign demerits. Of course, having demerits gets embarrassing, too. We’ll get to that in a bit. Who else has a question?” Carrie asked.

“Is sounds like we’re going to be lifting our skirts an awful lot. Do people really do this?” Amy asked.

“Yes, to both questions. I will be honest with you about this. You will probably get a panty check every day,” Carrie said. Technically, this wasn’t a lie. Each girl would probably get 20 or more panty checks each day. Carrie had decided she would let the girls find this out for themselves, though. “And every girl on this squad has been through this, so yes, people really do this,” Carrie said.

“Why do we have to untuck our blouses before a panty check?” Amy asked.

“When you are being panty checked, we’re not looking for shirttails. We’re looking for panties, or the lack of panties. You untuck your blouse first so that the tails of your blouse are lifted with your skirt. We don’t want anything to obstruct the view, do we?” Carrie explained.

“You mentioned that teamwork is important. I don’t see how this helps teamwork. It looks to me like the only teamwork is for the upper class cheerleaders. And since freshmen cheerleaders are outnumbered 5 to 1, it doesn’t really seem like much teamwork is required,” Janice said.

“Well, there’s more and it will be clear when I’m finished,” Carrie said. She rummaged through the box she had and pulled out four ball caps. Each cap was bright pink and had ‘NU’ in large black letters on the front. She handed each girl a cap.

“There are some rules that we haven’t discussed yet. I mentioned that once the NU girl was identified the cheerleaders would pick on that girl, trying to get her to accept demerits. It’s one thing to have to lift your skirt when you’re wearing panties. It’s quite another to have to do it with nothing under your skirt. If you’re the NU girl, you will face some tough choices. Remember that any cheerleader can do a panty check on the NU girl as often as she wants. The upper class girls want you to earn lot of demerits and will do their best to check you in places and at times where you would be too embarrassed to lift your skirt. There are penalties for getting a demerit. If one any girl gets 10 demerits, there are penalties for the entire freshman group. You really need to help your fellow freshmen avoid demerits.”

“You mean we could get asked 10 times a day for panty checks?” Amy asked. “And if we refuse more than 10 times there is a collective punishment?”

“Yes, Amy, you could get asked 10 times in a day. You girls really need to let me finish explaining this before you get too worked up, OK?” Carrie asked.

The girls nodded and Carrie continued. “Once the NU girl has been identified, she must immediately put on the hat that I just passed out. Trust me, girls, you will learn to hate these hats. These hats tell all the other cheerleaders you’re the NU girl. As I said, the upper class girls want you to get a lot of demerits, so once you put this hat on, you’re going to be a target. You really want the NU girl to get as far into the day as possible without being identified, whether you’re wearing panties or not. Remember that any girl that accumulates 10 demerits gets you all in trouble.”

“Also, the NU girl is required to have the shortest skirt in school. If you’re identified as the NU girl, and any cheerleader finds another girl with a shorter skirt than you’re wearing, you will get a demerit. There are some real sluts in this school, so when you are the NU girl, you want to be wearing the shortest skirt you dare to wear,” Carrie explained.

“So, doesn’t this make it pretty easy to tell who the NU girl is?” Denise asked. “Wouldn’t the cheerleaders just look for the freshmen with the really short skirt on and panty check her?”

“Excellent question, Denise. That’s where the teamwork comes in. You can help each other out and make it harder for the cheerleaders to identify the NU girl. Last year, all of the freshmen got together and agreed that nobody would wear a bra and that we would all wear very short skirts. That way, finding the freshman in the short skirt didn’t help identify the NU girl. We all were in short skirts. In fact, the squad has about 30 really short skirts you can borrow. My freshman class wasn’t the first to figure out that putting everyone in really short skirts kept the demerits low. Over the years girls have acquired skirts that they donated to the squad after freshman year. You guys will probably donate a couple, too. You’ll probably never wear your skirts as short as you will be wearing them over the next 3 months, so you can just leave them for the next freshman class,” Carrie explained. “The skirts you wore for the panty check demonstration are donated skirts.”

“Are you telling us that girls actually wore those tiny skirts we just had on to classes?” Janice asked.

“Yes, they did. And those are some of the longer skirts. Let me show you something,” Carrie said. She rummaged through her box and pulled out a red plaid skirt. It couldn’t have been more than 8 inches from waist to hem. “I wore this skirt once a week, every week during last year’s football season. During the last week of the season I wore this skirt while I was the NU girl. I got caught before my first class and had the NU hat on all day. Everyone knew I had accumulated nine demerits already and they worked really hard to get me to accept the 10th demerit. I couldn’t put my fellow freshman into the group penalty by getting my 10th demerit so I had a very embarrassing day,” Carrie said. The group was silent as they considered going to classes in micro mini skirts. Football season lasted 3 months and that was a long time to be wearing nothing but slut clothing. Still, the strategy made sense.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 3
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:33

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 3

“You keep telling us about how bad getting a demerit is. What could be so bad about demerits that you’d wear that tiny skirt to class without underwear?” Jill asked.

“OK, it’s time to discuss demerits. You get one demerit for refusing an underwear check. You also get a demerit if anyone in school has a higher hemline than you do if you’re the NU girl. You get 10 demerits for not wearing the hat when you’ve been identified as NU, and you get 20 demerits for wearing any type of underwear if you’re the NU girl. You can also be assigned demerits for not working hard at practice. The head cheerleader decides that. If you make too many mistakes or do not show up for practice, you will also get demerits. You can also get demerits for having pubic hair stubble, or not doing your panty checks correctly.”

“If you earn a demerit during the week you will attend Friday’s practice without underwear. You will also wear the NU hat during practice. Our practices are open and any student can come in and watch. Also, you should know that when the weather is nice, we practice outdoors. Whenever we can, we use the football field sidelines. So, if you get a demerit the football team and any spectators that show up get to see you practice cheer routines without underwear. Girls, I can’t stress this enough. Almost everybody in school knows about this initiation. Freshmen and transfers don’t know yet, but word will spread quickly. We always have an audience for our practices. And every person in that audience will know what the pink hat means.”

“Finally, if you accumulate 10 demerits you wear your NU hat to every Friday practice. Also, at the end of the season we have a tradition where our freshman cheerleaders go to the junior varsity cheerleader’s banquet and work as waitresses. It’s all part of the initiation, of course, and you’ll be waiting tables in your underwear. It’s a nice banquet and the JV cheerleaders and their boyfriends all attend. If you’ve accumulated more than 10 demerits during the season, though, you’ll be wearing your NU hat for the JV banquet. So, unless you want to be a waitress at that banquet wearing just a hat and shoes, do not get more than 10 demerits,” Carrie explained.

There was a collective gasp from the four naked freshman cheerleaders. Each girl was questioning herself. Could she do this? Did she want to be cheerleaders badly enough? These girls, like most girls on the cheerleading squad, had been cheerleaders in high school. Each understood the popularity that came along with being a cheerleader. Each knew it would help them get dates. They all wanted to be cheerleaders very badly. All of them had heard stories about the various initiations that other schools had for cheerleaders and sports team members. In recent years, hazing had been officially prohibited at most schools but they all knew it still went on. Amazingly, each girl found herself rationalizing that this initiation wouldn’t be so bad.

“I also mentioned that once somebody gets 10 demerits there are group penalties. If one of you gets to 10 demerits, then we will start doing NU drawings for fundraising events. We do car washes, bake sales, and stuff throughout the season to raise money. If one of you gets 10 demerits, then you’ll all be at risk of being NU at these events. As long as nobody has 10 demerits, everyone gets to wear underwear for these events. I should also mention that if anybody gets 20 demerits, which has never happened before, that person will be an NU girl permanently and we’ll take one blank slip of paper out of the daily drawing. That raises the chances for the remaining girls to be NU girl and you’ll end up wearing your pink hat all the time.”

The girls sat in silence contemplating what they were learning. If any of the girls realized how many people would end up seeing their private parts, there might have been a mass exodus of freshmen cheerleaders. Well, maybe except for Janice. Janice was finding this whole concept to be arousing. Janice was no stranger to nudity. She often sun-bathed nude in her back yard. On several occasions she didn’t even bother to cover up when friends came to visit. She also had a bit of a reputation with the boys in her high school. On weekend nights many couples would go parking. It wasn’t uncommon for girls to let boys unbutton their shirts and pants for some heavy petting. Janice was willing to get completely naked, though. She had even been caught once completely naked in a car with a boy. The boy was fully dressed at the time. The cops didn’t arrest her but they did take her home and tell her mom how they found her. It was very embarrassing for her.

“OK, now that you know what the initiation entails, is anyone ready to quit?” Carrie asked. Nobody moved to quit the squad. “Ok, any questions then?” she asked.

“Um, I have a question,” Denise said. “It seems to me that this initiation is going to make us look like complete sluts. Everything about this initiation period involves making us look cheap. I can understand stuff like making us have this meeting naked and going to squad meetings naked. It’s embarrassing but I can take it. I even understand having to shave my pussy. What I don’t understand is all the public stuff. You’re telling us we have to dress like sluts. Every day one of us has to be wearing the shortest skirt in the whole school without panties. Twenty girls can make us lift our skirts to our waist anytime they want to. And once we’re caught, we even have to wear a hat telling the whole school we don’t have underwear on. Why does the cheerleading team want us to look like total sluts?”

“That’s a good question, Denise, and I’m glad you asked it,” Carrie answered. “Our job as cheerleaders is to help get people to attend games. Every cheerleading squad picks the prettiest girls and puts them in skimpy outfits to do this. From elementary school to the NFL, cheerleaders are always pretty and always dressed in revealing clothes. We’re just taking it to the next level. Also, every guy fantasizes about sleeping with a cheerleader. We’d like to have them all think they have a chance to do just that. If every guy in school thinks you’re a big slut, they’ll come out and watch you at the games. You guys are going to get hit on a lot, especially when you’re wearing the NU hat. Some of the guys hitting on you will be hotties. My advice is to take advantage of it. I can tell you from personal experience that there are worse things in life than having a reputation as a slut. Guys really go all out on dates if they think they’re going to get lucky.”

“Ok, any other questions?” Carrie asked. Nobody had any more questions.

“Alright, then. Normally when you have drawn your slip out of the hat you are not to tell anyone what’s on it. You must keep it secret from the regular cheerleaders, of course. You should always keep it secret from each other, too. It will be easier to help disguise the NU girl if nobody knows who she it. This one time, though, I want to know. Since I’ll know which girl is NU, I won’t be allowed to check any of you girls for underwear on Monday unless you’re caught and have to wear the hat. I need to know, though, so I can go through what you can expect. So, who will be our NU girl on Monday?” Carrie asked.

Janice had drawn the slip of paper with the NU on it and raised her hand. Carrie gave her a wry smile. Janice wondered if Carrie knew this whole thing was making her horny.

“Ok. Everyone but Janice can go ahead and get dressed,” Carrie announced. Amy, Jill, and Denise stood up and quickly dressed. Soon, they were back on the bench but Janice was the sole naked girl.

“Well, I guess it takes a while to build team spirit. I had hoped that some or all of you three would have stayed undressed and not left your sister here to be naked alone. This doesn’t bode well for you four getting through the initiation,” Carrie said. In Carrie’s freshman year the same thing had happened and her freshman group was criticized for it as well. If they didn’t learn to think as a group they were all going to be naked at the JV banquet.

“Ok, Janice, when you come to school Monday, don’t wear any underwear. You can wear a dress if you want, but I really recommend a skirt and blouse. It will be less revealing when you’re checked. Whatever you decide to wear, it really needs to be as short as you dare. Don’t let your modesty cause you to get demerits. Remember you won’t get through the day without lifting your skirt anyway. If you don’t have a super-short skirt, feel free to take one from the box. That goes for all of you girls.”

“Now, I can’t tell you other girls what to wear on Monday but I will remind you that there are group penalties if anyone gets more than 10 demerits. I don’t think you want Janice here to get a bunch of demerits tomorrow. It’s a long season. I strongly recommend that you all take a skirt or two from our box. Also, you all should consider not wearing bras. You’ve got to help Janice go undetected as the NU girl as long as possible. Once she puts the NU hat on, things are going to get quite embarrassing for her. The cheerleaders are sharks and will be trying to get her to take as many demerits as they can. Janice, my advice for you is to just grin and bear it. Hike the skirt whenever you’re challenged, no matter what the circumstances.”

Janice was blushing deeply now that she was the only naked girl and this was all becoming very personal. They were no longer talking about some girl lifting her skirt to her waist. Now it was all about her lifting her skirt and showing her pussy and ass to the student body.

“One last warning for you and then I’ll leave you to plot your strategy. I’ll be watching for you to put the NU hat on. If I see you wearing it I will panty check you. I’ll be doing my best to give you a demerit, too. Outside of these meetings, I’m not your initiation coordinator, I’m a cheerleader. That means I’m not on your side. You should treat me like any other cheerleader. I can, and will, be making you lift your skirts for me. I’ve given you all the advice I can. As a cheerleader, my objective is to get all of you girls wearing pink hats for Friday’s practice. “Take all the time you want to plan your strategy, girls. Janice, you can get dressed now,” Carrie said and walked out the door of the locker room laughing.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch4
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:34

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 4

“So, are you guys going to help me on Monday?” Janice asked.

“I think we have to whether we like it or not. I think we need a plan, though. You heard Carrie. She’s not really on our side. She wants us to all be caught and to get lots of demerits so let’s not just do what she says. Let’s think about it,” Jill answered.

“I’m all for helping out but I can’t do one of her suggestions. I can’t go all football season without a bra. That might be OK for you girls but I have pretty big tits and it’s going to be real obvious if I’m not wearing a bra,” Amy said.

“That’s exactly why you have to do it. If you wear a bra all the time then people will know you’re the NU girl the minute they see you without one,” Janice countered.

“I’m sorry. I just cannot go all football season without a bra,” Amy insisted.

“Ok, let’s not worry about this. If Amy needs to wear a bra that’s her decision. She’s the one that’s going to be spotted as NU a mile away when she’s not wearing a bra. I think we need to talk about skirt lengths. I hate to say it but what Carrie said about us all wearing super short skirts makes sense,” Jill said.

“Maybe. Or maybe not,” Denise answered. “Look, the shorter our skirts are, the more likely someone is going to get a peek up them. If we’re trying to protect the NU girl, why should we wear skirts short enough to give peeks at our panties? Since each cheerleader can only ask one of us to show our panties, it will take longer if we don’t give them any free looks.”

“That’s true. On the other hand, there are 20 of them and four of us. The odds are that whoever is NU is going to be caught at some point during the day and will end up wearing the hat. The NU girl has to be wearing the shortest skirt in school. Once she’s caught, she gets a demerit for every skirt in school that’s shorter than hers. So, whoever is NU has to wear a super-short skirt. If the rest of us are going to be decoys, we have to be in super-short skirts, too,” Jill said.

“Jill’s right. We still have to be careful, though. If we’re all wearing really short skirts, it’s possible that one of us wearing underwear will have a shorter skirt than the NU girl. I think we have to tell each other who is NU after each drawing. We also have to make sure those with underwear are wearing slightly longer skirts,” Janice said.

“I still think you’re missing the point.” Denise took a skirt out of the box Carrie had left. “Janice, do you really think you can wear this little thing and not give any unintentional peeks at what’s underneath?”

“I’m going to have to. We all are,” Janice answered.

“That doesn’t answer my question. How about you put this skirt on now and show us how you’re going to keep a secret in it?” Denise pressed.

Janice was still naked so slipping into the skirt only took a few seconds.

“Now, that skirt is short enough to attract a lot of attention. And, most everybody in school will know that you might not be wearing panties, so there will be a lot of attention focused on you for that reason. Now, show us how it’s done,” Denise said.

Janice tried her best but the skirt was just too short and when she sat or crossed her legs, everyone noticed her lack of underwear.

“Ok, you’ve made your point. There is no perfect answer here. If we all wear longer skirts, the NU girl is going to get demerits and we’ll all suffer,” Janice answered.

“Not necessarily,” Denise answered. “What if the NU girl wore a tiny skirt and the rest dressed normally? Jill made a good point when she said the NU girl would be caught every day, anyway. Maybe, instead of the group trying to protect the NU girl, it should be the NU girl trying to protect the group. The NU girl is going to end up showing her pussy and ass to half the school anyway. Why have the entire school trying to look up the rest of our skirts when it won’t help the NU girl?” she argued.

“Ok, we’re not getting anyplace like this. Denise doesn’t want to wear short skirts. Amy doesn’t want to go without a bra. How about everybody does her own thing on Monday and we see what happens to Janice? She’s obviously an exhibitionist so she won’t mind lifting her skirt Monday. Let’s meet again Monday after practice and decide then,” Jill said.

“What do you mean I’m obviously an exhibitionist?” Janice asked.

“Well, your nipples were hard as rocks throughout Carrie’s little talk and she told you that you could get dressed 20 minutes ago. You’re still naked and you don’t seem all that concerned that you’ll be spending Monday in a hat proclaiming to everyone that you’re not wearing underwear and that 20 girls can make you hike your skirt to your waist whenever they want. How many people do you think will see your hairless coochie Monday? 100? 500? 1000? I’m scared to death about being the NU girl. I’m not sure it’s worth this to be a cheerleader. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to care much. If that doesn’t mean you’re an exhibitionist, how would you explain it?” Jill asked.

Janice blushed. “Ok, you caught me. I do find this whole idea a little exciting. That doesn’t mean I won’t be embarrassed by it, though,” Janice said. The other three girls stared at her and herself blush deepened. It was an extremely awkward moment until the girls burst out laughing.

“Now that that’s out in the open, why don’t you volunteer to see just how bad this can be? The cheerleaders want entertainment, so why don’t you give it to them?” Jill challenged.

“What do you mean? How can I give the cheerleaders entertainment? They will already be able to expose me,” Janice said.

“Well, since you’re going to be exposed anyway, and you’re an admitted exhibitionist, be bold. Pick the shortest skirt out of that box, match it with a revealing top and just face ‘em down. We don’t know when we’re going to get checked. We don’t know what really happens when you put the NU hat on. We need to find out if they’re going to be discreet or if really public places like the main lobby and the dining hall are fair game. We need to know if they’re thinking you’ll hike your skirt once or 10 times. Just take whatever they dish out and don’t get a lot of demerits,” Jill said.

“Are you saying I shouldn’t try to avoid them? Just let them find me out?” Janice asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. See if you can find out how bad this is going to be. Just try to get only one demerit.”

“One demerit? Why?” Janice asked.

“Because, if I end up wearing a pink hat instead of panties for practice Friday I don’t want to be the only one!” Jill said.

The girls agreed that they would not all try to dress as the NU girl and they would meet Monday after practice. Janice was nervous but willing to go through with it. She tried on several of the skirts that Carrie had left for them and finally selected a little red flirt skirt. It was a bit sexy for school, but at the short lengths, all of these skirts were too sexy for school. Amy, Jill, and Denise left while Janice was trying on the skirts. Janice finally dressed and left.

Back in her dorm room, Janice booted up her computer. She had been keeping an electronic diary and wanted to update it with the news of her selection to the cheerleading squad and the initiation. She also wanted to go through her tops and make sure she had something that would go with the little skirt she was going to wear to school Monday. When she logged on and checked her mail she found one from her roommate telling her she would be going home for the weekend and would be back Sunday night. Janice liked her roommate but was pleased to have the dorm room to her self for the weekend. She started typing into her diary. After a half-hour of writing she had typed just a couple of sentences about becoming a cheerleader and over 20 paragraphs about the initiation. She blushed as she read it back, wondering what anyone would think if they ever read this. The big news of her making the squad was glossed over and the meeting she attended naked in the locker room, her new wardrobe requirements, and the prospect of attending cheerleading practice next Friday without underwear were all described in great detail.

Next she went through her closet and dresser, gathering up all her pants, long skirts, and long dresses. Space was tight in the dorm room, so she figured she would bring these clothes back to her parent’s house. If she was going to be in dresses and skirts with hemlines well above the knee for the entire school year, there was no sense in having these clothes in the dorm. She decided she needed to catch up on her laundry so she stripped naked and piled up her dirty clothes. She pulled a T-shirt on, trying to remember the last time she went anywhere without a bra. She was a C-cup, so going without a bra wasn’t a huge problem, but it was certainly noticeable. She reached for panties but thought better of it. She had almost never gone out without panties but since she was committed to do so Monday, she thought she had better get used to it. She pulled out a denim skirt and started to step into it. It was well above her knee but not really short. She changed her mind and put on a little summer skirt she had. This one was short, but not as short as the skirt she would be wearing Monday at school. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was dressed but felt almost naked. She imagined one of the cheerleaders had just asked for a panty check and she hiked her skirt up high, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was a little shocked at the reflection staring back at her. She found herself getting aroused as she imagined holding her skirt up like this in school. She figured the other cheerleaders would be discrete about making her do this, but she also knew that there would be onlookers. She gathered her laundry and headed for the laundry room.

As she expected, she was alone in the laundry room. Most students did not do laundry on Friday nights. She was able to get 3 machines going so all her clothes were being washed at once. She practiced her panty check move in the laundry room and noticed that she felt even more vulnerable doing this outside of her room. With her clothes in the machines, she headed to the Student Union. She needed to get some more change for the dryers and she needed some plastic bags to pack up the clothes she would be bringing home. There were a number of people at the Union and she felt as if all eyes were on her. She had thought about making this trip in the flirt skirt she was planning to wear on Monday. With all the attention she was getting as it was, she was glad she had decided to wash the skirt. Still, she decided she would go out in it before the weekend was up. She needed to get used to how it felt wearing such a short skirt without underwear. If she was blushing like a tomato she was going to get caught as the NU girl for sure. She purchased her stuff and politely declined the clerk’s offer of a date, blushing the entire time. Soon she was back in her room, staring at her reflection in the mirror and practicing her panty check move again. She was still a little shocked at the girl naked from the waist down reflected back at her. She headed back to the laundry room and transferred her clothes to the dryers. As they were drying she went for a walk, wanting to be seen in her revealing clothes to see how people would react. Even though this outfit was less revealing than her clothes for Monday and more appropriate for a Friday night than a Monday morning, she found that she attracted lots of attention. She bought a cup of coffee and sat in the Union drinking it. She was very conscious of how she sat and she scanned people’s faces looking for any sign that she had given an unintentional flash. She thought she pulled it off OK. Even though the skirt she was wearing was a couple inches longer than the flirt skirt, this was a good sign.

She retrieved her clothes from the dryer. Back in her room she stripped naked. She was horny and enjoying the freedom of not having her roommate around. She bagged up the clothes she was going to bring to her parent’s house and studied her wardrobe. She decided she would ask Mom for some money to go clothes shopping. Her mother was always on her about how she dressed and she knew her mother would be happy that the cheerleaders were requiring her to wear skirts and dresses exclusively for the entire school year. She was pretty certain that her mom would give her money to buy some more skirts. It had taken her a few hours to do her laundry and update her diary. It was too late to go anywhere but too early to call it a night. So, she pulled on her T-shirt and skirt and headed back to the Union. She bought a Diet Coke and sat outside on one of the benches by the front door.

This time, she was less careful about how she sat. She told herself this was research since she was going to be seen on Monday and needed to know what it felt like. In High School she had learned how to flash her panties from under a short skirt and have it all appear accidental. It was different than how she would expose herself at school on Monday, but it was the best she could do. It was also very different from how she did it at High School, because this time there were no panties to flash, and not even any pubic hair to hide her from view. She saw two girls walking toward the Union and flashed them. She was surprised at the reaction of the two girls. Clearly they thought she was a cheap slut and didn’t mind telling her so. She got a better reaction when she flashed a boy but it took 15 minutes to get rid of the creep. She wasn’t very happy with either reaction and hoped the cheerleaders would be discrete on Monday.
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"Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

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Cheerleader Initiation Ch 5
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:35

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 5

Saturday morning she visited with her Mom. She had worn a bra and a denim skirt. She didn’t wear panties, though, so she was extremely careful about sitting. As predicted, her mom thought it was a wonderful idea that she dress more like a lady and gave her money to buy some new clothes. After dropping off her bags of clothes, she headed back to the dorm. She removed the bra and put on a shorter skirt. She headed to the mall and bought five new skirts. She still had plenty of money left over and planned to do more shopping on line. She wanted to know how it was going to feel to do a panty check with people around so she went into the ladies room at the mall. She was disappointed that nobody saw her stand in front of the mirror and lift her skirt high for the required three seconds. She left but on her way to her car she got an idea. She would hit the ladies room every 15 minutes, go directly to the mirrors and raise her skirt, regardless of how many people were in there and she would keep doing it until she was seen. She figured this randomness would be as close as she could get to the actual experience she would have on Monday. She put her bag in her car and headed back to the mall. Her next trip to the ladies room had the same result as the first one. Fifteen minutes later she was thoroughly humiliated.

It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Janice had been in the mall without underwear for over an hour. She saw that 15 minutes had passed and headed into the rest room. There were three teenage girls just standing there, apparently waiting for a friend to finish up. Janice took a deep breath as she approached the mirror and lifted her skirt high. The girls erupted in laughter and immediately stated calling her a whore. One even asked her how much she charged. Janice blushed deeply as she learned that three seconds can be a very long time when you’re holding your skirt up in a public place. She did hold the skirt up for the full three seconds, though. She smoothed it down, ignoring the laughter and taunting from the High School aged girls. Her first instinct was to run but she didn’t. She calmly left the ladies room but didn’t go far. She knew that on Monday she would not be able to run from her audiences, so she stayed close to the ladies room. The girls that had laughed at her got a second chance to ridicule her. One of them even pointed out to a passing group of guys that she was naked under her skirt. She forced herself to do one more trip to the ladies room before leaving. This time, she found herself standing next to a middle-aged woman who was brushing her hair. The women gawked at her and called her a slut. She also pointed out that there were at least five stores in the mall that sold underwear and suggested she might want to pick some up while she was here. Janice realized that women were likely to react poorly to seeing her dressed like a slut and being panty-checked at school. She had been hoping the cheerleaders would confine their checks to the ladies rooms. Now she wasn’t so sure that’s what she wanted.

Monday morning:

Janice had gone to bed before Ellen, her roommate, had come in so it wasn’t surprising that she was up and showered while Ellen was still in bed. Janice was very nervous about the day ahead. She had slipped on her robe and taken their ancient coffeepot to the bathroom down the hall for water. While she waited for the coffee to brew she hugged her robe around her and looked at the white tank top and tiny red skirt laid out on her bed. She had mixed emotions about what she was about to do. She was dreading going to school in the revealing outfit but also a little bit excited about the day. She was certain she would be exposing her self today and the idea of having no control over it was exciting. She was very embarrassed by the whole thing, though, and hoped it wouldn’t be too bad. She was hoping to get through lunch before being caught. She was sure she could handle wearing the NU hat for a little while, though. She heard her roomie stir.

“So, did you make the cheerleading team?” Ellen asked. Janice told her she had made the team. Ellen poured a cup of coffee and crawled back into bed. “So, is it true?” she asked.

“Is what true?” Janice answered. She knew what was coming but didn’t think she could have this conversation right now.

“I heard that there was some kind of initiation for freshman cheerleaders. Supposedly the freshmen have to dress like sluts all the time and they make you go to practice with nothing under your little cheerleader uniforms. This guy that was telling me this says everyone knows about it and tons of people watch cheerleader practice every Friday. He even invited me to go with him this Friday. He says everyone makes fun of the stupid bimbos that want to be cheerleaders so bad they’ll even do it without undies on. So, is it true?” Ellen asked again.

“Um, there is an initiation but I’m not sure I’m supposed to tell anyone about it,” Janice answered, obviously embarrassed.

Ellen laughed hysterically. “So, are you going to practice with no undies on?” she asked. Janice looked at her but didn’t answer. Ellen laughed even more. “You can tell me, roomie. I’m gonna go to your practice on Friday so I’ll see for myself anyway.” Ellen was having way too much fun with this.

“It’s not that simple. I don’t know if I’m going to have to practice without underwear on Friday. They tell us during the week if we have to,” Janice said. She couldn’t remember being more embarrassed.

“Oh, this is priceless. As if I needed another reason to want it to be Friday. Who knew my roomie would turn out to be a bimbo?” Ellen said laughing.

Janice was wishing this awkward conversation would end. She noticed the clock and realized she would have to hurry. Ellen wasn’t making any signs of going anyplace, though. She didn’t want to put on her school outfit in front of her but she had no choice. She discreetly turned away from Ellen. No sense adding to this by letting Ellen see her lack of pubic hair. She pulled the tank top on and stepped into the skirt. Ellen was laughing as she dressed.

Janice turned to face Ellen as she tucked in her blouse. “What?” she said.

“So, I guess the part about making freshmen cheerleaders dress like sluts is also true. That’s the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen in my life. I think you’re going to want to wear panties under that little thing,” Ellen said with a laugh.

“You have no idea how much I want to wear panties, Ellen. Look, I’m running late. I’ll see you tonight,” Janice answered. She left the dorm room with her roommate’s laughter ringing in her ears. She stopped at the soda machine in the lobby of the dorm building and bought a Diet Coke. As she was stooping down to retrieve the can she heard her name called.

“Janice! I see you made the squad. Congratulations!” It was Melissa, one of the upper class cheerleaders. Janice had no idea why Melissa would be in the freshmen dorm.

“Hi Melissa. Yes, I made the squad. How did you know?” Janice answered. She didn’t like the smirk on Melissa’s face and was so nervous she was shaking.

“Um, I’ve been through the initiation, too, sweetie. I can tell by the way you’re dressed that you’re on the squad,” Melissa said with a laugh.

Janice laughed with her, though hers was a nervous laugh while Melissa was genuinely amused. “Yeah, Carrie suggested we all wear the shortest skirts we dared to wear. I hope I haven’t overdone it. This skirt feels a lot shorter in public than it did in my room,” she answered. She knew she was blushing brightly.

Melissa laughed again. “I know the feeling well. I can’t help wondering what you have on underneath it, though. Show me,” she said.

“Here?” Janice said, shocked. She looked around. There were five or six other students in the lobby. Some of them were minding their own business but a few were watching this exchange intently.

“Oh, sweetie, this will probably be the most privacy you have all day, especially if I see what I think I’m going to see when you lift your skirt. Now, show me.” Melissa said. Janice was terribly embarrassed and Melissa’s laughter wasn’t helping. She couldn’t believe she had been caught and she hadn’t even made it out of the dorm yet. She reluctantly pulled her skirt up high and counted to three. She knew every eye in the place was on her now. She smoothed her skirt down and looked at the floor, too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone.

“I think you are in for a very rough day, sweetie,” Melissa said with a laugh. Janice was mortified. She didn’t know how she was going to make it through this. She cursed herself for being stupid enough to think the cheerleaders would do their panty checks in private. After all, Carrie had told them they intended to embarrass her. Lost in her thoughts, Janice suddenly realized that Melissa was speaking to her.

“I’m sorry, Melissa, I was distracted. What did you just say?” she asked.

“I said you need to make sure you tell Carrie that you’ve already earned a demerit. Now let’s do the panty check again, correctly this time and then you can go accessorize your outfit with that pretty pink hat you have. You do have the hat, don’t you?” Melissa taunted her.

“I, um, I, um, the hat is in my gym locker and I, um,” Janice stumbled with her words. Suddenly it hit her. She had forgotten to untuck her blouse. Not that it obstructed the view under her skirt. She untucked the blouse and stood awkwardly facing Melissa.

“That’s a good girl. Now, skirt up, please,” Melissa instructed. This time every eye was on her as she lifted her skirt and counted to three. She could hear people talking about her and laughing at her.

“Very good. Are you wearing a bra, sweetie?” Melissa asked. Janice wasn’t and she knew it was obvious to everyone that she wasn’t. She shook her head.

“Show me,” Melissa said, grinning. Reluctantly Janice lifted her tank top, showing Melissa and everyone else in the room, her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. Melissa reached out and lightly pinched one of her nipples and laughed. “Are you cold, dear?” she said in a condescending voice. Janice didn’t answer her. She tugged her top down and stood; as embarrassed as she had ever been in her life.

“Ok, sweetie, you need to go straight to you locker and put the NU hat on. Also, you need to find Carrie and tell her you earned a demerit. By the way, I just love your outfit!” Melissa said. As Janice turned to go, she pulled out her phone.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 6
Sat Nov 4, 2006 11:36

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 6

Janice fled without another word. She was stunned at how publicly she had been exposed and angry with herself for earning a demerit already. She walked quickly to the locker room, which wasn’t far from the freshmen dorm building. She put the pink hat on and looked at her watch. It was 7:35 AM. She knew she was in for a very long day. She stepped out of the locker room in her very short skirt and bright pink hat. She heard footsteps and looked up, surprised that she was not alone in the hallway at this hour of the morning.

“Um, hi, Carrie,” Janice said.

“Well hello, Janice. Don’t you look adorable this morning,” Carrie said with a huge grin. “Skirt up, please.”

Janice was blushing brightly as she lifted her skirt high. While she knew she wouldn’t get through the day without doing this, she had convinced herself it would only be a couple times. Here she was, lifting her skirt for a second time and she had only been out of her room for 10 minutes. She held her skirt up for the required 3 seconds. She had just finished pulling it down when Carrie spoke again.

“Skirt up.” Janice pulled her skirt up again. After her 3 seconds were up she started to pull her skirt down. At the very instant she started Carrie said, “Skirt up,” again. Carrie repeated this 10 more times. Every time the 3 seconds were up Carrie issued her command again. After the 10th time through this, Janice just held it there.

“Carrie, what are you doing?” Janice asked. Even though the two were alone in the hallway she was very embarrassed. She stood there, facing Carrie, with the hem of her skirt almost at her armpits, totally bare from the waist down.

“Just a little demonstration, Janice. We need to talk but I want your skirt up while we chat. The rules say you only need to hold it up for 3 seconds. Its going to be hard to talk if I have to tell you to lift your skirt every 3 seconds, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have to say, ‘skirt up’ every 3 seconds if your skirt was already up, would I?” Carrie laughed.

“You want me to just stand here like this?” Janice asked. She couldn’t believe she would be expected to just stand here in a school hallway holding her skirt up. Nobody had come in the hallway yet but she was terrified that it would be full of people at any minute.

“That’s exactly what I want, Janice,” Carrie said with a laugh. “Since you’re wearing the hat, any cheerleader can make you hike that skirt as many times as they want. We could stand here all day with me telling you to lift it every 3 seconds, or you could just hold it up right like that until I tell you it’s OK to put it down. That would certainly make conversation easier, don’t you think?” Carrie asked.

Janice had been holding her skirt up through this exchange, which had taken about 30 seconds. She agreed even though she felt like the world’s biggest bimbo standing this way. She wanted to get this conversation over with before the hallway filled up with people.

“Oh you are absolutely adorable, sweetie,” Carrie said with a chuckle. “Now, tell me how you got to be wearing that pretty hat so early in the morning, please,” She said. Janice told her the story of meeting Ellen in her dorm building lobby and having to lift her skirt for a small audience. Carrie laughed throughout the story. She was still blushing and, of course, still holding her skirt up. She laughed even harder when Janice told her she had earned a demerit.

Carrie pulled a pen out of her purse. “Turn around, Janice, “ she instructed. Carrie wrote ‘1 Demerit’ on Janice’ butt cheek with the pen. “Ok, sweetie, you can turn around again,” she said.

“Um, Carrie…can I put my skirt down now, please?”

“Um, no…you may not,” Carrie mocked her. “So, how do you feel right now, Janice? Still want to be a cheerleader?” she said, taunting the girl.

“I’m totally embarrassed but I still want to be a cheerleader,” Janice replied.

“You know, I don’t think anyone has ever had to wear their hat so early in the day. And I don’t think anyone has ever picked up a demerit so early, either. If you don’t really want to be a cheerleader, this would be a great time to quit. If you want to stay on the squad, you’re in for a hell of a day, girl,” Carrie said.

Janice still didn’t understand how bad things could get. She was mortified as she stood in the hallway with her skirt up. She had been holding it up for a full five minutes now. Still, the hallway was deserted and she was thinking Carrie was just playing head games with her by exposing her like this. Maybe she knew nobody was likely to come by and was just trying to rattle her.

“Let’s talk about demerits for a minute. You already have one. You’re going to get your second one in just a few minutes. Have you done the math? There’s 13 weeks in football season. If nobody drops out, you can expect to be NU 15 times or more. All you need is 10 demerits and then the fun really starts. Remember that 10 demerits cost you your underwear at every Friday practice. Also at 10, you attend the JV banquet nude. And we get to have NU drawings for our fundraising events. Your fellow freshman are really gonna be pissed at you for getting 2 demerits so quickly on your first day,” Carrie said.

“Um, you keep saying I have 2 demerits but I only have one,’ Janice said.

“I know, sweetie. We’re going to give you a second demerit right now,” Carrie said. She looked at her watch. “It’s 7:45. I bet there is a ton of people in the Union right now, getting coffee before their morning classes. Coffee sounds good, doesn’t it? We’re going to get a cup right now,” Carrie said laughing.

“How does getting coffee mean I’m going to get a second demerit?” Janice asked. She figured Carrie would make her lift her skirt in the Union with a big audience. She also figured she would take the 3 seconds of exposure and the embarrassment that would go with it over a demerit.

“Wow! That almost sounded defiant,” Carrie giggled as she spoke. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going out this side door here, down the walkway to the main entrance, through the lobby, and down to the Union where we’ll stand in line for coffee. There should be hundreds of people around. When you’ve had enough and you’re ready for your second demerit just lower your skirt.”

Janice was shocked! “You expect me to do all that like this?” she almost yelled, tugging at her skirt hem for emphasis.

“No, I really don’t. I expect you’ll drop the skirt at some point and then you’ll have demerit number 2,” Carrie explained smugly.

“Carrie, this isn’t fair!” Janice protested.

“I know, sweetie, I know. I might have forgotten to mention this on Friday. The cheerleaders have decided we need to pass out way more demerits this year than in the past. Ellen sent us all a text message when she caught you. Everyone knows you’re the NU girl. That’s how I knew you were coming here to get your hat,” Carrie said with a laugh. “While I was waiting for you I sent a text message to everybody, too. We’re expected in the Union. Ready?”

“Ok, you win. I’ll take the second demerit,” Janice said glumly as she dropped her skirt.

Carrie laughed. She held out her pen and wagged it in Janice’ face. “OK, sweetie, skirt up so I can record it on your ass.” Janice lifted her skirt and Carrie wrote ‘1 demerit’ on her other cheek. When she was done she slapped Janice on the ass and said,” All done.” Janice dropped her skirt.

“Now, are you ready to go get coffee?” Carrie asked. Janice nodded.

“Good. Skirt up!” Carrie said.

“But…I thought…” Janice stammered. Carrie waved her hand at the girl.

“Want another demerit so soon?” she asked. Janice quickly hiked her skirt up.

“What are you doing? I accepted the demerit. Why do I have to hold my skirt up again?” Janice asked.

“Because we’re going for coffee and I want everyone to see our newest probationary cheerleader working hard to make the squad,” Carrie said with an amused grin.

“But Carrie, you said yourself, there will be hundreds of people there. I can’t walk through hundreds of people like this,” Janice said. She was very worried. She already had two demerits and the day was just getting started. She desperately wanted to avoid a third demerit but it just didn’t seem possible now. She felt ridiculous as she stood there holding her skirt up while negotiating with Carrie.

“That’s a good point, Janice. Maybe this is a bit much,” Carrie said. Janice’ entire face lit up with hope for a reprieve. “Tell you what, after you’ve been seen by 50, no wait, 100 people…yeah, 100 people, I’ll consider letting you drop the skirt without a penalty. Anything less and you get a demerit, of course,” Carrie said smugly. She laughed as the expression of hope on Janice’ face vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

“Carrie, please…” Janice started to say. She stopped talking as she heard laughter down the hall. Mortified, she looked up to see two girls approaching. She didn’t recognize one of them, but the other was Nancy Miller, the head cheerleader.

“Woo-hoo! Fashionably dressed for a Monday morning, I see,” Nancy said. She looked at her watch. Pointing to the hat Janice wore she asked Carrie, “Is this a new record?”

“Yes, it is,” Carrie answered with a laugh. “And it’s not the only record Janice has set this morning, either.” She grabbed Janice by the shoulders and gently spun her around so the two girls could see her butt and the two demerits written on it. Nancy burst out laughing.

“Oh my, Janice. It looks like you’ve had a tough day already,” Nancy said.

“She seems happy enough to me,” Jennifer, the girl with Nancy said. “Look at her. She’s obviously enjoying this. Are all the cheerleaders sluts?” she said with a laugh. Janice couldn’t help but notice that Carrie was blushing furiously at this comment. She wondered what embarrassing things this girl had seen Carrie do. It was obviously memorable since Nancy and Jennifer were laughing but Carrie was not.

“Yeah, she sure looks, um…happy,” Nancy said with a laugh. She stepped directly in front of Janice. “Sweetie, your nipples look like they’re about to rip right through that shirt. I think we need to do a bra check and get a good look at them. Go ahead and lower your skirt so we can check you for a bra,” she instructed. Janice looked Carrie. She didn’t want to risk another demerit and it was obvious that she was asking Carrie’s permission to lower her skirt. Carrie nodded and everyone laughed at the exchange. Soon her skirt was down and she was holding her shirt up around her chin while everyone discussed how hard her nipples were. Janice was so embarrassed she briefly considered quitting the squad. She dismissed the thought, though. She really wanted to be a cheerleader.

Nancy told her she could put her shirt down. As soon as she did, Carrie had her lift her skirt again. These girls just weren’t going to give her a break.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 7
Tue Nov 7, 2006 20:39

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 7

“So, you’ve got two demerits already. How in the world did you accomplish that?” Nancy asked. Janice recounted the story from the dorm building. It seemed like ancient history now, even though it happened only 30 minutes ago. Carrie explained the second demerit.

“So, what did we interrupt?” Nancy asked.

“Oh, we were just going to get some coffee at the Union,” Carrie said. “And another demerit, of course,” she added, with a wink to Janice.

Nancy and Jennifer laughed. “You’re going to walk her into the Union like that? You are wicked, Carrie!” Nancy said.

“Yep, just like that. Want to join us?” Carrie asked. Both girls said they did. When Carrie started walking away Nancy stopped her.

“The Union is just through here,” she said, pointing down the hallway.

“I was thinking we’d go out the side door, down the walkway, and right in the front door,” Carrie grinned. Janice stood awkwardly through this exchange, totally naked from the waist to the ankles.

“You really are a bitch, you know?” Nancy asked with a laugh. “We have to get to class. I’ll see you later on. Have fun.” Nancy and Jennifer headed out.

After they had walked out of earshot Jennifer asked Nancy if they were really going to make Janice walk right up to the main entrance and into the Union with her skirt up.

“No, of course not. They’re just trying to scare her. It’s all part of the initiation. It seemed to be working, too. The poor thing looked terrified,” Nancy answered.

“Yeah, but she also looked horny. I bet a part of her is hoping they make her go through with it,” Jennifer laughed.

“Oh, I doubt that. Can you imagine what it would be like to do that? Our initiation is tough, but it’s not that tough. We’re not cruel,” Nancy said.

“Well, I’d say it’s kind of cruel. I’ve never met that girl in my life and the only time she wasn’t flashing her pussy was when she dropped her skirt to flash her tits,” Jennifer laughed. “What is it with you cheerleaders and nudity?”

“Hey, don’t talk to me about it like it’s somehow my fault. I went through the same thing she went through…well almost. Every year the sophomore girls add something. The last couple of years they’ve gotten a little out of control. Last year they made it a rule that the freshmen have to get to the locker room a half-hour before everyone else and just sit around naked until every regular cheerleader is dressed and out the door. This year’s freshmen have to attend out squad meetings naked.”

“See? It’s always about nudity somehow. Are all you cheerleaders perverted?”

“No, were not all perverted! Look, this thing has just evolved over the years. Every freshman girl goes through it and if she sticks it out and becomes a sophomore cheerleader it’s only normal to want to see the next class go through the same ordeal. The initiation builds team spirit. There are some really embarrassing parts of the initiation and the freshmen learn to help each other minimize that embarrassment by working together,” Nancy explained.

“Yeah, how so?” Jennifer was skeptical. She was still convinced the all of cheerleaders were just ordinary perverts.

“Ok, for example, you saw how short the skirt was that Janice was wearing, right?”

“Well, I didn’t actually see her wearing it much but when she was holding it up over her waist I could tell it was very, very short. What’s your point?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, right now, the other 3 freshmen are wearing equally short skirts, and going without bras, I might add. They do that so the regular cheerleaders can’t tell who was picked to go without underwear for the day. The NU girl has to wear a short skirt, the others don’t. They do it to help the NU girl,” Nancy explained.

“It didn’t seem to help that slut, what’s her name, this morning. Doesn’t that pink hat mean she’s not wearing underwear?”

“Well, yes. It was probably just some fluke that she got caught so early in the day. The cheerleaders will screw with her once she’s caught. If we see any of the other freshmen I’ll point them out to you. They’ll be dressed like sluts. It’s teamwork,” Nancy patiently explained.

“I still think you’re all pervs. Everyone knows that you make the freshmen practice on Fridays with no panties on. That’s perverted and you know it,” Jennifer countered.

“Ok, you have me on that. And the girls lose all their underwear, by the way, not just their panties. If you get demerits, that’s the penalty. That’s why they were torturing poor Janice with the threat of demerits. That was a rule when I started cheering, though, and I’ve been on the squad for a long time. That was decided before any of the current cheerleaders got here. It’s all part of the embarrassment that goes with the initiation. It really helps with school spirit, though. People come to watch our practices and come to the games.”

“So, that slut, Janice, is going to practice this Friday with nothing under her little cheerleader uniform?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, she will. She had a demerit so she’ll be practicing in just her uniform and sneakers on Friday,” Nancy answered.

“Interesting. And did you ever have to go to practice without underwear?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh yes. Once, and it was the most embarrassing two hours of my life. Have you been to any of our Friday practices?” Jennifer shook her head. “Well, you should come this Friday. If you think Janice was embarrassed this morning wait until you see what they put her through at practice,” Nancy said.

“What are they going to do to her at practice?”

“Well, the freshmen don’t actually cheer at the games, so for them, practice is mostly exercise, stretching, and watching the upper class cheerleaders. Janice will have the pink hat on, so everyone will know she isn’t wearing underwear. Carrie, the girl that was tormenting Janice, will be leading them through their routine. The stretching exercises are bad enough when you have the full uniform on. It’s absolutely humiliating when you’re naked under your skirt. Carrie will be able to make that poor girl get into any position she wants. The first Friday is the worst because they will be trying to make the freshmen cheerleaders understand that almost anything is better than getting a demerit.”

“So, everything you’ve told me comes back to nudity. How can you say that cheerleaders aren’t perverts when all you do is make your freshmen get naked everywhere?” Jennifer persisted.

“Look, I didn’t make the rules,” Nancy said, defensively. “I’ll grant you that there is a lot of nudity involved with the initiation. All of those girls are going to lift their skirts in horribly embarrassing places with far too many people watching. They’ll all be totally naked for part of every day for no good reason, and they’ll all end up totally exposed during practices. Don’t blame me for this. I didn’t invent this initiation,” Nancy said.

“No, you didn’t. But, you’re the head cheerleader. I bet you could end it. And you don’t. And that makes you a pervert. I just don’t understand why the freshmen would even consider putting up with it.”

“Well, I could end it but it would make me extremely unpopular. The upper class girls love it and would never allow it to end since they all had to go through it, too. As far as the freshmen putting up with it, that’s simple. Some girls want to be cheerleaders no matter what the cost. Those are the girls we want on the squad. We’ve been state champs for 5 consecutive years. We win every year because our girls are motivated,” Nancy said.

“Motivated cheerleaders? Sluts and perverts is more like it,” Jennifer said with a laugh.

“Ok, you win. We’re all sluts and perverts,” Nancy said with an exasperated sigh. “Speaking of slutty perverts, are we still on for Saturday night?” Nancy asked.

“You bet, baby. I gotta get to class. Later, girl,” Jennifer said and walked away.

Carrie smiled at the embarrassed girl holding her skirt up over her waist. “Ok, Janice, let’s go through this so you know what’s expected of you. We’re going right along the front of the school, up the walk, in through the main doors, and then down to the Union. You can drop your skirt anytime you want to but if you do it before I think enough people have seen you, I’m going to write a demerit on your ass and your skirts going right back up. Got it?” Carrie asked.

“I, um, I, uh, oh Carrie, do I have to do this?” Janice was so nervous she was shaking.

“Yes, baby, you do. Come on, let’s go,” Carrie answered.

“Wait! How many people do I have to let see me like this?” Janice asked.

“Um, that depends, sweetie. I think at least a hundred but you need to keep your head up and make eye contact. If you don’t, it will be lots more,” Carrie answered.

“Can you at least tell me when it’s OK to put my skirt down?” Janice asked, almost whining.

“Nope. Let’s walk,” Carrie said as she strolled toward the door.

As hard as it was to walk down that hallway with her skirt up, it was nothing compared to being outside. People were everywhere and she was seen immediately. Naturally she attracted lots of attention and people were laughing at her, calling her a slut and a whore, and worse. She tried to make eye contact but she just couldn’t do it. She made it almost to the front walkway of the school and pulled her skirt down, overcome by embarrassment. Carrie didn’t say anything. She just took her pen out and lifted Janice’ skirt and wrote ‘1 Demerit’ on her butt. Now she had three.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done yet,” Carrie said with a big smile. “Skirt up!”

‘Carrie, I just can’t. There are people everywhere and everyone is looking at me!” Janice said. Carrie lifted her skirt in back and wrote yet another demerit on her butt.

“Janice, sweetie, it’s a very long football season and if you plan on being a cheerleader here you have really got to slow down with the demerits. You’ve got four already!” Carrie told the embarrassed girl. “Skirt up!”

Reluctantly, Janice hiked her skirt once again. By now she had 30 or 40 people staring at her, enjoying her exposure and obvious embarrassment. She had only taken about 10 paces towards the door and she spotted two guys with camera phones pointed straight at her. She slammed her skirt down in a panic. Carrie wrote another demerit on her ass and immediately ordered her to hike her skirt. Janice refused. She no longer cared about the demerits. She did not want those two creepy guys taking her picture while she held her skirt up. Carrie saw what was going on and relentlessly ordered her to lift her skirt. By the time the two guys got bored and moved away, Janice accumulated 8 more demerits and now had a total of 12.

“You realize the other freshmen are going to be extremely pissed off at you, don’t you? Because of your modesty now they’ll be drawing NU slips for all of our fundraiser events, too. And, just 8 more demerits and you become NU girl all season. You've earned 8 demerits in the last 10 minutes. How in the world are you going to get through the next 13 weeks?” Carrie lectured her.

“Please, Carrie. You’re being too hard on me. I can’t do this. Can’t you just let it go for a little while?” Janice pleaded.

“Hmmm, I could let this go for a while. Let me think about it for a bit,” Carrie stood and scratched her head, doing her best to act as if she was deep in thought. After a few minutes she looked Janice in the eye and laughed at her as she said, “skirt up!”

Carrie continued to make Janice expose herself with hundreds of students watching. She just laughed as the poor freshman would walk a little bit, get overcome by embarrassment, and tug her skirt down. Each time Janice tugged her skirt down, Carrie simply wrote another demerit on her butt and ordered her to hike her skirt. By the time reached the Union and got her coffee, Janice had earned 14 more demerits. She now had 26 demerits, more than any freshman girl had ever received in a whole season. She had also been seen holding her skirt up by at least 200 students and several professors. She knew she had been photographed at least a dozen times, and had actually been photographed far more than that. She guessed correctly that those pictures would be circulating around the school, and the Internet, for years to come. Finally, Carrie had to go to class and left the poor humiliated girl alone.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 8
Tue Nov 7, 2006 20:41

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 8

Janice had two morning classes scheduled. She couldn't concentrate on any of the lectures but at least she was safe from Carrie. At 11:00 she was back out in circulation. She did encounter several cheerleaders and she was ordered to lift her skirt for a panty check. Each time was brief and her exposure was minimal. There was no repeat of the torture Carrie had put her through. She did earn one more demerit at lunch. She was in the cafeteria, holding her full tray when a cheerleader requested a panty check. Janice refused, not because she was unwilling to lift her skirt, but rather she was unwilling to put her lunch on the floor to do it. She understood that there was really no difference at all between having 26 demerits and having 27 demerits. She was totally screwed already and additional demerits couldn’t make it worse. It couldn’t get worse. She went to her afternoon class and then hid out in the library. Cheerleaders did not frequent the library and she made it through the early afternoon without further incident.

Nancy had been stung by her friend’s comments about the freshman initiation. She hated the thought of the entire school thinking the cheerleading squad was nothing but lesbian perverts. Still, after considering the initiation from an outsider’s point of view, she could understand why people would think that. Over the years the initiation had grown like it had a mind of it’s own. And Jennifer was right. Every aspect of the initiation involved a freshman girl getting naked. She thought about the encounter with Janice and Carrie this morning. Carrie had that wide-eyed freshman convinced she was going to have to walk through the busiest parts of the school at the busiest parts of the day holding her skirt up. It had seemed amusing at the time but she realized that it was really mental torture. Carrie was torturing that poor girl just because she wanted to be a cheerleader. Her thoughts kept coming back to what Jennifer had said. As the head cheerleader, she could put an end to all of this. Why hadn’t she? She was troubled by the question.

Nancy headed to the gym. Almost the instant she arrived Ms Beckwith, the volleyball team coach, asked to speak with her. Ms Beckwith had witnessed a good portion of the humiliating episode Janice endured in the Union earlier at the hands of Carrie. Nancy was stunned as she learned that Carrie had actually gone through with her threats and exposed Janice to hundreds of people. Ms Beckwith was a graduate of the college and had gone through the initiation 10 years ago as a freshman cheerleader. She lectured Nancy on the subject for nearly 30 minutes. During Ms Beckwith’s time, the initiation was much different. Each freshman was required to shave her pubic hair, which was intended to foster the feeling of belonging to a team while providing a little embarrassment for the freshmen and good natured fun for the upper class girls. The freshmen were also required to wear skirts or dresses for the entire year. That was the entire initiation 10 years ago. All of the current nudity was relatively recent.

Ms Beckwith continued her lecture by explaining that the school tolerated the hazing, even as it grew every year. Up until very recently there hadn’t been any public nudity. The faculty had some difficulty with the girls wearing the NU hat and there had been much discussion about whether the practice should be discontinued. The saving grace for the cheerleading squad was the Friday practices really did boost attendance at games. It was narrowly decided that the brief public nudity of the underwear checks on the campus grounds and the freshmen being coerced into wearing the shortest of skirts could be tolerated as long as the game attendance was high and the squad continued to do well in competitions. She pointed out repeatedly that the blatant and prolonged nudity she witnessed this morning could not be tolerated. As head cheerleader, she expected Nancy would do something about this. Nancy was ready to end the program right away after hearing all of this. Ms Beckwith told her she should fix it, not destroy it, though. She pointed out that having a cheerleader or two willing to practice on Fridays without underwear had greatly benefited the program. She also said the entire student body, and most of the faculty, enjoyed seeing a pretty young girl attending class with an impossibly short skirt and the pink hat signifying her lack of underwear. Nancy was strongly advised to tone down the public nudity while salvaging the part of the initiation that helped the school. She was expected to do something immediately, though she didn’t know what.

Practice started at 3:00. Around 2:35 Nancy headed into the locker room. She was not surprised to see the four freshmen sitting naked at their lockers. She also wasn’t surprised to see Carrie standing there harassing the girls. All four of them looked to be on the verge of tears. Nancy asked how many demerits Janice had accumulated and was shocked that the number was 27. That was more than last year’s freshmen received as a group during the entire season. She already knew some of the story and when she asked how all of the demerits had been assigned she knew Carrie had gotten out of control. She left the girls, telling them she wanted to see all of them after practice. Nancy had started to formulate a plan and hoped she could get it all figured out during practice.

During practice Nancy had a chance to speak privately with Carrie. She questioned Carrie about the events of the day. Carrie seemed proud of the torture she had inflicted on Janice. Nancy told her to make certain that she and the freshmen stayed after practice for a meeting. Carrie laughed and told her the freshmen would be right where she had found them earlier, sitting naked on the benches in front of their locker.

“Oh, that’s right. They’re required to attend all team meetings naked now,” Nancy said.

“Yeah, that was my idea for this year’s initiation. I’m sure they’re going to hate sitting their nude waiting to find out what this mystery meeting is all about,” Carrie laughed.

“You really like that idea, don’t you?” Jennifer asked. Carrie nodded. “Good. Because if you want to stay on this squad you’ll be sitting right with them. Naked.”

“What? I’m not a freshman! Why should I be naked with them?” Carrie asked.

“Because if you’re not naked with the freshmen I’ll bounce you off this squad for good. Oh, one more thing. Do you have a razor in your locker?” Carrie nodded, unsure of where this was going. “Lucky for you. I suggest that while you’re showering after practice you give yourself the freshman shave,” Nancy said.

“But why?” Carrie asked, confused.

“Because I said so. I want you indistinguishable from the freshmen after practice. If you’re not, you’re out of here,” Nancy said and walked away without another word. Carrie was worried about what was going on, but Nancy was long gone before she had a chance to ask any questions.

The practice seemed to go on forever. The four freshmen were preoccupied with their own thoughts. Janice desperately wanted to be a cheerleader but she was not sure she could endure many days like today. Ironically, she had been looking forward to it all. She loved the idea of the freshmen being singled out by their nudity. It was embarrassing to be naked so much in the locker room but she really wanted the camaraderie of sharing that experience with the other freshman cheerleaders. She had even looked forward to being the NU girl and had been secretly glad when she drew the NU slip in the first drawing. She would have been fine with several very embarrassing episodes of lifting her skirt for an audience. She wasn’t, however, prepared for the total humiliation she had endured today. Having dozens of people see her briefly hike her skirt sounded exciting. Having hundreds see her hold it up continuously as she walked around school was very different. She had even been looking forward to attending practice Friday without underwear. Having Carrie put her through the stretching exercises today changed that. She had fantasized about brief, embarrassing, and unavoidable flashes of her pussy while everyone watched her do normal cheerleading exercises. When Carrie had her lying on her back, stretching her legs over her head for 20 minutes, all she could think about was that on Friday she would be totally on display for the audience. Flashing was one thing. On Friday she would be giving the world the same view her gynecologist got from her. She didn’t know if she could do it.

Amy, Jill, and Denise were all thinking about the future, too. Neither one would admit it, but each was thinking they would resign from the squad as soon as they pulled the NU slip in the drawing. Each girl was horrified to see all the demerits written on Janice’ butt. Neither of them had seen Janice get humiliated during the day but they had all heard about it. Janice was the talk of the school. Amy had even heard of a web site where her pictures were supposedly posted. They all knew Janice was a bit of an exhibitionist. None of them expected to be able to match her performance and it was scary to see how miserable she was after her day at the hands of Carrie. Even if the stories they heard were exaggerated, it was still way more than any of them were willing to endure.

Carrie was just plain scared. Nancy had threatened to throw her off the squad. She had thoroughly enjoyed humiliating Janice today but only now was considering that she had gone too far. Carrie had been looking forward to her time as an upper class cheerleader. She wanted to really humiliate the freshmen. She figured if the cheerleaders were hard on them, they would be harder on the next class of freshmen and she would get to see three years of very entertaining initiations while she got her education. Now, it all seemed to be backfiring on her. She was mortified at the thought of sitting naked with the freshmen while all the cheerleaders got dressed after practice. She didn’t mind the nudity. She just knew her fellow cheerleaders would ridicule her forever about it, though. She was also dreading the shower after practice. She knew shaving her pubic hair in full view of everyone was going to be humiliating. She wondered whether Nancy was serious about throwing her off the squad if she didn’t obey. She ultimately decided she couldn’t take the chance and would just have to take the teasing she was sure to get over it.

Nancy was preoccupied, too. She was about to make sweeping changes in the initiation program. She knew how popular the initiation was with the cheerleaders and hoped she wouldn’t be hated for what she was going to do. Still, between Ms Beckwith’s comments and Jennifer’s comments, she knew she had to do something. She figured the cheerleaders would understand her actions once they realized that the entire school thought of them all as lesbian perverts. She laughed a bit at the irony of it all. She was bisexual but most of her relationships were with women. While the lesbian label didn’t quite fit her, it was close enough for most people. As far as being a pervert, let’s just say that even people that knew her well would be shocked to learn about the games she played with her current lover, Jennifer. The lesbian pervert label fit her more closely than any other girl on the squad and the charge had been leveled by her female lover, a lesbian pervert in her own right. Still, the initiation had gotten out of control and she was determined to fix it.

The after-practice shower was every bit as humiliating as Carrie had anticipated. While every single cheerleader trimmed and shaved portions of her pubic hair, it was not something they did in the locker room. Even the freshmen, who were required to keep themselves hair-free at all times, shaved at home. Carrie attracted lots of attention as she started to scrape away at her pubic hair with the razor. She had quite an audience and the laughter only increased when she shaved it all. Only freshmen went totally bald down there. Well, now only freshmen and Carrie. Things only got worse as she dried her hair and did her makeup totally nude. She put it off as long as she could but very few girls had left when she could delay no longer and took her place alongside the freshmen. Nothing cuts deeper than having your friends and peers laugh at you. All the upper class cheerleaders were amused to see her sitting naked with the freshmen. Nancy let the group gawk at her and gossip about what was going on for a while before herding them out of the room. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to lecture the naked girls.

“I am so embarrassed by your behavior today that I can’t even begin to describe it. You have brought shame to this team and I won’t have it happen again,” Nancy started. She went on to describe the comments that Ms Beckwith made. She also talked about the reputation the cheerleaders had as lesbian perverts. All five girls were starting to squirm uncomfortably.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 9
Tue Nov 7, 2006 20:42

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 9

“There will be some changes to the initiation, effective immediately. The public nudity has gotten out of hand. Carrie is solely responsible for pushing us way beyond anything reasonable in that regard. So, I’ve made Carrie an honorary member of the freshman class. She will have some special rules, though, that will not apply to the rest of you,” Nancy said. She was rapidly building steam and was no longer nervous about delivering this lecture. She thought Carrie might resign the team, but she really didn’t care.

“Let’s talk about the parts of the initiation that I’m going to keep, first. I’m sure you girls know all to well at this point that nudity is a big part of your initiation. That isn’t going to change. We’re just going to be less public about it. So, you are all still required to be in this locker room 30 minutes before the rest of the squad. You will still wait patiently without your clothes, of course, and you won’t dress after practice or games until after the rest of the squad has left. You will also still be required to attend all team meetings in the nude. And, of course, you will be nude for the team picture. Your other rules, keeping yourself shaved, and wearing skirts and dresses at all times are also still in place. Carrie, you are now subject to each of these rules,” Nancy continued.

“But why, Nancy? I’m not a freshman. I’ve already been through this once!” Carrie asked.

“Because you’ve disgraced this squad and you are either going to accept this as punishment or you are going to leave. And it’s going to get much worse for you, sweetie,” Nancy hissed.

Carrie didn’t want to get kicked off the team so she knew she was going to do whatever was asked of her. She had mixed emotions about the whole thing. She had enjoyed tormenting Janice today. She had also enjoyed being initiated as a freshman last year. She had been in a brief but exciting dominant/submissive relationship during the summer after high school. She enjoyed the whole idea of forced exhibitionism a lot. She was a switch, meaning that she liked being told what to do as much as telling others what to do. She didn’t see why Nancy was so mad. She would have loved it if she had been made to go through the things she put Janice through today. The whole school seemed to enjoy the little performance she made Janice do, too.

“Now, if I had my way, this would be the extent of your initiation. However, I’ve been told that the Friday practices are good for getting the students interested in coming to games, so one of you will be wearing the pink hat every Friday for practice. I’ve also been told that everyone likes to see you girls in your tiny little skirts, especially when you have the NU hat on. I’m sure Janice can tell you how closely you’ll be watched throughout the day with the hat on. Even though poor Janice spent much of the day with her skirt up, people were still intent on scoring a peek every time she sat. Would you agree, Janice?” Janice nodded.

“So, you will all still be subject to the panty checks and one of you will wear the hat every day. We are going to change the way the NU girl is selected, though. Please get your hats and pass them to me,” Nancy instructed. The freshmen gave their hats to Nancy.

“Ok, you all understand that you can only be panty-checked once a day by each cheerleader unless you’re wearing the hat. You four will make your own individual decisions about what you wear under your skirts,” Nancy said. She walked right up to Carrie and smiled.

“And you, Carrie, will wear this,” she said as she waved the pink NU hat in Carrie’s face, “all the time. And I do mean all the time. Every day at school and at every school function and cheerleader function, I want you in this hat. From today to the end of the football season, you are the official NU girl. And, if I hear one word of complaint from you, I’ll make it the entire school year,” Nancy said. Nancy plopped the hat on Carrie’s head and the freshmen all started laughing.

What happened next surprised everyone in the room. Carrie immediately became aroused at the thought of being forced to go without underwear and to wear the hat that would tell the entire school about it. She made a quick decision, definitely letting her arousal overrule her brain. She waited for the girl’s laughter to die down before she spoke.

“One word of complaint,” Carrie said in a defiant voice. The room went silent and everyone was staring at her.

“Excuse me?” Nancy asked, not understanding what just happened.

“You said if you heard ‘one word of complaint’ from me, you would make me wear this hat all year. I said ‘one word of complaint’. Did you hear it?” Carrie was still defiant but already she was second-guessing her decision. The head cheerleader had just threatened to make her go the entire school year without underwear and she had challenged her. It was too late to take the words back now.

“Alright, the full school year it is, then. I hope you understood that wearing the NU hat also means that you will wear No Underwear,” Nancy said. Carrie had understood that, of course, but hadn’t really thought about it enough. She was just starting to understand the consequences of her actions and it was too late. She couldn’t back out now. She just nodded, which brought more laughter from the freshman girls.

“Ok, now that that’s decided, there are a few more changes. Obviously, there will be no more demerit system. Every cheerleader can make Carrie hike her skirt up whenever they want. The one check per day limit doesn’t apply to her. Carrie, there will be no repeats of today’s performance where you made Janice parade all over school with her skirt up, but you will be encouraging your fellow cheerleaders to take advantage of their right. In fact, you’ll be asking them to make you do this at the most embarrassing times possible. I’m sure Janice won’t need any encouragement, though,” Nancy continued. Carrie was a little surprised that the freshmen were going to be able to tell her to expose herself but it only added to her overall excitement about this whole thing.

“And, finally, we come to the subject of the Junior Varsity banquet. Since we no longer have the demerit system to decide what you will wear as you work this banquet, I’ll make that call right now. You freshmen will wear your underwear as the tradition demands. Carrie, you will wear just the hat,” Nancy announced. This brought a round of applause from the freshmen. Carrie thought about having to be a waitress in the nude for the JV banquet and was suddenly sure she had made a serious mistake here. She had often fantasized about being the only naked person in a room full of clothed people. She was now very nervous about that becoming a reality.

“We’re almost through girls. While I was being lectured about this initiation today it was made clear to me that the students and faculty all enjoy seeing our freshmen cheerleaders running around in very short skirts. So, for the entire football season, you are to wear skirts as short as you dare when you come to school. Carrie, your skirts will need to be shorter than the freshmen wear. You’ll want to take this home with you,” Nancy said, passing her the box of micro-minis the squad had acquired over the years. “I’m not sure what the penalty will be for not wearing something shorter than the other girls, but I’ll think of something,” Nancy said. There was more laughter from the freshmen.

“Any questions?’

“Nancy, if I’m understanding this correctly, then we’re off the hook on most of this and we can all wear underwear all the time except for the times we have to be naked in the locker room. Is that right?” Amy asked.

“Yes, Amy, that’s correct. Except for Carrie, you can wear underwear whenever you choose.”

“Um, Nancy? Do the other cheerleaders know about all these changes?” This question came from Denise.

“Not yet. I’ll post a sign announcing a team meeting before tomorrow’s practice and Carrie can walk everyone through the changes,” Nancy replied. She looked at Carrie. “When you made the rule that freshmen had to be nude for team meetings I’m sure you never thought you’d be nude with them. Just so we’re clear, you are to be totally naked for your presentation tomorrow.” There were no more questions.

“Ok, girls, you can get dressed. Janice, I know you don’t have any underwear with you. Would you like to wear Carrie’s to get home? She won’t need it.

“No, I’ll be OK without it until I get home.” Janice’ response raised a few eyebrows. “What? Everyone in school has already seen my pussy today. Why would I put on dirty underwear that someone else has worn now? I’ll have my skirt down the whole way. It will be the most covered I’ve been in hours,” she explained.

“Ok, then get dressed. Carrie, I’ll want to do a panty check before you leave, so don’t go until I tell you to,” Nancy said. “Oh, and pick out a skirt. You’re not wearing those jeans home.”

Soon the girls were dressed. All the cheerleaders hung around for a few minutes, though. After the things Carrie had done to Janice everyone wanted to see her go through the indignity of hiking her skirt for Nancy before she left. While they were waiting Janice rummaged through the box of skirts and pulled out a tiny red one. She looked Carrie in the eye and laughed. “I think I’ll wear this tomorrow. I doubt it’s long enough to cover my panties but it will be worth flashing my undies to the whole school knowing you have to wear something shorter, NU girl,” she said with a laugh. Carrie blushed and she felt her nipples harden. This was exactly what she had asked for. Now she could only hope it’s what she really wanted.

All the girls laughed as Carrie obediently held her short skirt up for a 3-second panty check for Nancy and they all left together.

“Hey Janice! Can we talk for a minute?” Carrie called to Janice just as the group was separating to go to their respective dorms.

Janice stopped to wait for Carrie. She was quite a sight with the pink hat and an extremely short skirt on. She had looked so intimidating this morning but she looked quite different now.

“Hi, I just wanted to see if you were mad at me?” Carrie asked.

“Mad at you? Why would I be mad? Just because you exposed me to the entire school all day long? Yeah, I’m a little mad at you,” Janice answered.

“Well, good. All things considered, I think it’s good that you’re a little mad at me. I don’t want you to hate me, but a little anger is good,” Carrie smiled. “I’m in a pretty vulnerable position here and having you a little mad makes it more exciting.”

“You really are in a vulnerable position now, aren’t you? Since we’re still in school, put the box down and get that skirt up,” Janice said. Soon Carrie was holding her little skirt above her waist.

“You’re not going to make me tell you to do this every three seconds, are you?” Janice said with a laugh, repeating the very same instructions Carrie had given her this morning.

“No, Janice, I’m not. I know what you can make me do, so I’ll just hold it up like you did,” Carrie answered. She looked around nervously to see if anyone was watching her hold her skirt up.

“Good. You know, I never did get that coffee I wanted this morning. Let’s go to the Union and talk this over,” Janice said. She reached down and picked up the box of skirts Carrie had been carrying. “You lead the way, sweetie,” she said.

“You want me to go like this?” Carrie asked. Even though it was late afternoon and there wouldn’t be nearly as many people in the Union, there were still going to be some students there. She hadn’t really thought about just how embarrassing it would be to walk right in holding her skirt up.

“Look, Carrie, you can’t possibly think I’m letting you off the hook for this. I don’t care how many people see you like this, it’s sure to be less than you let see me. Now start walking.”

Janice laughed as Carrie did just that. There were about 20 students in the Union when they entered and Janice was rewarded with the sound of laughter. This time, the laughter was pleasing to her since she wasn’t the one holding her skirt up. She put the box on a table and made Carrie come through the line with her for coffee. Along the way the girls were questioned about why Carrie was holding her skirt up and they gave the initiation explanation. Everyone stared but nobody bothered them. Janice carried both coffees to the table. She wasn’t ready to forgive Carrie yet and made her stand holding her skirt up while she sat. They drank coffee and chatted.
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"Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

Postby iionly » Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:10 pm

Copyright (c) Les. All rights reserved.

Cheerleader Initiation Ch 10
Tue Nov 7, 2006 20:44

Cheerleader Initiation

Chapter 10

“So, why did you volunteer to be the NU girl for the entire year?” Janice asked.

“Um, because this is kind of exciting. Didn’t you think so when you were doing it this morning? Have you ever felt more alive than when you walked in here this morning showing your puss to the entire school?” Carrie explained.

“Yeah, I felt alive. My heart was pounding and I did get quite an adrenaline rush,” Janice admitted.

“See? I knew you liked it. I could tell you were into this!” Carrie explained.

“Well, I’m not sure I’d agree that I liked it. It was exciting but not something I’d want to do every day. Speaking of exciting, you’re finding this to be exciting right now, I see,” Janice said with a laugh.

“Oh my gawd. Is it that noticeable?” Carrie said with a blush.

“I’m afraid so, sister. Let’s just say that there’s excitement in the air,” she said, wrinkling up her nose and laughing again. All the while Carrie stood next to her table holding her skirt up.

“So, are you disappointed that you won’t be going to Friday’s practice nude under your uniform?” Carrie asked.

Janice considered the question. She couldn’t answer it easily if she were going to be honest. She wasn’t quite ready to admit everything to Carrie, though. “I was sort of looking forward to it until you started with the stretching exercises. When you had me lying on my back and were pulling my legs over my head I was embarrassed even with panties on. I can’t say I was looking forward to doing that on Friday,” she answered. It was an honest answer.

Carrie laughed. “I invented that stretch just for this year’s freshman class,” she answered. “Too bad I won’t get to use it.”

“Oh, I think you’ll get to use it,” Janice laughed.

“Promise?” Carrie asked. Her response surprised Janice. She knew Carrie was getting into all of this but that stretching position was no different than inviting people to watch your next gynecology appointment.

“Yes, sweetie, I promise. You’ll be doing lots of stretching on Fridays,” Janice laughed.

There were a few minutes of silence while the girls considered all that had happened. It was a bit surreal as Carrie continued to hold her skirt up, effectively nude from the waist down in public.

“This is going to be a very exciting school year,” Carrie said, finally breaking the silence. “I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to going to school every Monday. Weekends will probably be a big letdown for me this year,” she said.

“How could the weekends be a letdown? You’ll have time to yourself and you won’t have to wear that stupid hat. You’ll even get to wear underwear on weekends,” Janice said with a grin.

“Yeah, but I also won’t have the excitement of knowing that there are a bunch of girls that can make me expose myself. Unfortunately, all this is just a school time thing,” Carrie said.

“And that’s a problem for you? You could always go flashing on your own,” Janice laughed.

“It’s not the same and you know it. I feel totally stupid right now. I’ve been holding my skirt up for 20 minutes. But, I’m so horny you wouldn’t believe it. If I were here doing it alone, I wouldn’t be horny, I’d just feel stupid. Don’t tell me you don’t get it,” Carrie said.

“Oh, I get it. I was getting off on the whole fear of the unknown thing this morning. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Last weekend I was trying to do this kind of stuff on my own. I wouldn’t have gotten through it without imaging I was being made to do it. I know exactly how you feel,” Janice said with a smile.

“See? You do get it! So, will you help?” Carrie said. She was blushing brightly, anxiously waiting for an answer from Janice.

“What? You want me to enforce your cheerleader rules on nights and weekends?” Janice laughed. She was intrigued by the idea.

“Not exactly. The cheerleader thing is fine as far as it goes but there are too many rules and limits. I was thinking more like no rules or limits at all. You know what I’m into so we don’t need rules. You say it and I do it,” Carrie answered.

Janice was struck by the extremely vulnerable position this young woman was placing herself in. Just this morning she was tormenting Janice and now she was standing half-naked, in public, trying to give up all control.

“No rules or limits, huh? You want to be my little slave girl? And I can do whatever I want to you on nights and weekends? And you’ll do anything I tell you to do?” Janice asked, trying to clarify just what Carrie was suggesting.

“Um, almost. It doesn’t have to be just nights and weekends. It could be all the time. I have the rules that I have to follow for cheerleading, of course. Obviously, you can dress me any way you want, but I do want to be a cheerleader so I’m hoping you’ll let me comply with the rules about how I have to dress to stay on the squad. I’m sure my being in short skirts without underwear won’t infringe on your fun too much. I don’t think they’ll let me stay in school if I wear much less than this anyway,” Carrie said with a giggle.

“Hmmm, this is certainly interesting. And when would you like to start all this?” Janice asked, already thinking of an absolutely wicked idea.

“We could start right this minute if you want to,” Carrie answered. You could see the relief in her face. This was a very embarrassing conversation for her and would have been much worse if it hadn’t gone well. It couldn’t have gone better for her.

“All right, we’ll start right away, then. You can put your skirt down now. Have a seat, girl,” Janice said. Carrie was actually disappointed that Janice wanted her to put her skirt down and it showed on her face. Janice just laughed at her. The first order of business was to get a little revenge for this morning. Once Carrie was seated Janice leaned in and spoke to her in a low voice so she wouldn’t be overheard.

“You realize that you’re not going to like everything I make you do, right?” she asked.

“I’m counting on it,” Carrie said, beaming with happiness.

“We’ll need to talk much more about this, of course. I’m going to want to know all about you, including every sexual experience you’ve ever had and every fantasy. Especially every fantasy. You’re going to be my personal little Barbie doll and more. I think we both know this is going to be much more than playing dress up games hiking your skirt up every now and then, though. I want to know what I can do to you in public, what I can do to you in private, and how I can punish you when you don’t obey me,” Janice said, relishing the power she felt.

“Of course, Janice. I’ll tell you everything. And I promise to obey you so you won’t have to punish me,” Carrie said.

“Don’t be so sure, little girl. I have a wicked imagination. It might not be as easy as you think to keep me happy. And you will certainly need punishment from time to time. We’ll work it all out,” Janice said.

“Thank you, Janice. I’m so happy we’re going to do this!” Carrie gushed.

“I wouldn’t be so happy just yet if I were you. Thanks to you, everyone in this school is talking about me. Even though there are only about 20 people here at the moment, I think we should give them a reason to talk about you, don’t you think?” Janice said. She loved how she could make the expressions on Carrie’s face change on a whim. Carrie was one of those girls that couldn’t hide her feelings. She would be a lousy poker player. Her expression was now showing apprehension, which is just what Janice wanted. She kept the girl in suspense while she sipped her coffee. She knew already that she was going to have lots of fun with Carrie.

After letting the awkward silence hang in the air for a few minutes Janice grinned and said, “I know just the thing to get people talking about you.” She leaned in and pulled Carrie towards her across the table so she could whisper in her ear.

“Ok, sweetie, I’m going to give you your first order in a minute. You wont like it but you do have to do it. If you don’t, our little deal is off and I’ll tell all the cheerleaders what you asked me to do and what a little pervert you are. Is that clear?” Carrie nodded. “Good. Now don’t say a word. Just listen quietly. When I’m done with your instructions I’ll tell you to ‘go’. When I do, you start following your instructions immediately. If you hesitate at all, you’re going to get more humiliation than you bargained for and it won’t be the kind of humiliation that makes your pussy wet, either. Is that clear?” Carrie nodded again. She was clearly getting nervous.

“Ok, sweetie, here’s what I want you to do. When I say ‘go’, you’re going to remove that adorable little skirt and your top. When you’re wearing only your sneakers, you’ll stand up, fold your clothes very neatly, and put them in this box, along with your purse. Then, you’ll get up and walk, not run, walk out of here. People are going to stare at you and you’re just gonna let them look. Do not try to cover up any part of your body. I live in Sullivan Hall, room 820. You will make your way there naked, of course. I’m sure I’ll get there before you since I won’t have to hide my naked ass along the way. When you get to my dorm room you will kneel at the door. Put your nose right on the door. You’ll knock once and only once, and then you’ll wait patiently for me to let you in. Now, I don’t want you to talk. Just nod if you understand your instructions,” Janice said. She pulled away from Carrie’s ear and smiled at her. Carrie was blushing a deep red. She nodded. She had a look of sheer terror on her face.

Janice laughed at the embarrassed, frightened girl sitting across the table from her. She couldn’t resist toying with the girl and just sat smiling at Carrie while she suffered. Finally, she thought the girl had had enough. ‘Are you ready to start your new life, sweetie?” Janice asked. Carrie nodded. “You realize that everyone in here is going to think you’re a complete bimbo, right?” Carrie hesitated a bit but nodded again. “And you’re willing to make a complete fool of yourself just for my amusement?” Carrie nodded again.

“Well, then, I think it’s time we start your new life. Go.” Janice sat back and watched as Carrie stripped herself naked in a very public place and started walking toward the exit. The Union erupted in noise as people saw what she was doing. Everyone was laughing and calling out to her. Janice sat back and smiled. Her mom had been right. College was going to be the best part of her life.

The end.
(I may continue this story at some point if the feedback is good. For a while I’ve wanted to try a very hard-core BDSM story to see if I could write some really nasty public humiliation while keeping it fairly believable. I’ve ended this one here with the intention of picking it up as an explicit, hard-core story which will not be appropriate for this board. I appreciate feedback, but don’t really need suggestions for the plot of the next chapters. I am, though, especially interested in the feedback of the female readers. It’s hard as a man to really understand a woman’s thoughts and emotions. Since I don’t know any woman that would tolerate the things my characters go through, research is just impossible. Any help you ladies can give me to make my writing more realistic and believable would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at less_is_more_2005@yahoo.com ) THANKS!
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Re: "Cheerleader Initiation" by Les

Postby Richard Shagrin » Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:05 am

How do they maintain a cheerleader squad of 20 if they run off most of the Freshman applicants? They are down to 4 as the story starts. Why don't the Freshmen go to the College administrators and report the abuse? Hazing is not allowed, even if it is called initiation. The college administration will need to respond to complaints.
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