Stripped At The Bank by Plain Jane

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Stripped At The Bank by Plain Jane

Postby Bare-Belly » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:12 pm

She told this tale to ej, who told it to me. Now I share it with you.

I had just started work at the small branch office of a large bank in this southern city. Nancy, a friend of the family, had helped me get the job. She was 59 and at the time was about ready to retire. It was late on a Friday, and it was just minutes before closing time. The only people in the bank were Maria, the retired policewoman who worked as a security guard, Nancy, the manager, and myself. All women, as luck would have it. Nancy and I, the tellers, were doing our end of day count. The manager stood up from her desk and was headed to the door to lock up. She had the keys in her hand.

The three masked figures ran inside the bank and pushed the manager before them. One of them pointed a shotgun squarely at Maria's Face. Maria got caught with her right hand halfway to her holster and immediately raised both hands in surrender. The second bandit pointed a shotgun at Nancy and me and growled,
The third one had a shotgun to the manager's head. There were two alarm systems. Each teller had a foot-operated button in her enclosure. But the robbers had made us back away from them. The manager had a similar button that she could operate with her knee. But it was back at her desk, in the inner left panel. The robbers were all dressed in black. They wore wide coats and their faces were covered by ski masks. They wore another mask with a human face on top of the ski masks, so Maria had not noticed them until it was too late. All three bandits wore black gloves. They spoke in hoarse voices muffled by their ski masks. To this day I cannot say whether they were three average-built young men or three husky women.

The one aiming at Maria said,
"You, cop girl, undo your gun belt let it fall to the floor. Come over here."
Maria had a lot of experience in law enforcement and these people looked like professional bank robbers. She did as she was told. They made her lie on the floor face down, with her hands behind her head. The bandit kept aiming at her all the time. They must have thought she was the most dangerous to them. The other bandit made Nancy and I come around and lie on the floor face down at different angles from Maria.

Meanwhile, the third bandit grabbed the manager by her jacket collar and pointing the shotgun to her head, took her to the front door and made her lock it. Now we were trapped with these three! Not even a month ago, the bank executives had the bright idea of saving on cooling costs by having a reflective coating applied to all exterior glass surfaces. Although this helped cool down the bank, it also kept anyone on the outside from being able to look in. All they would see was a mirror surface. The manager ended up with us on the floor. Nancy was trembling and close to hysterics. One of the bandits spray-painted the lenses of the surveillance cameras, then systematically ripped off all the alarm wires at the manager's desk and teller stations, as well as the telephones and computer connections.

"Ladies," the one who seemed to be the leader said, "we are going to get more comfortable, cooperate and no one gets hurt." While that one covered us three, the other two devoted their attention to Maria. One aimed at her head while the other frisked her. The frisk turned up Marias hideaway gun in an ankle holster and the one frisking her whacked her in the head with her own hideaway gun.
"Up to tricks, cop girl?" He said. "Stand against the wall."
Maria stood up, holding her head, and did as she was told. We feared they would kill her for having kept the gun hidden.

"Now, take off the uniform!" she was ordered. Maria pretended she had not understood. The bandit simply aimed at her head and said, "Do it."
Maria slowly stepped out of her shoes, undid and dropped her pants, her clip-on tie, and then her shirt. She was wearing a bulletproof vest. "The vest, too." She undid the Velcro snaps and dropped it. "Now all the rest." The bandit said. "Come on, we want to see your olive-skin and your bush."
Maria took off the ribbed T-shirt, then she undid the front snap of her bra and took it off. She hesitated for a moment and stood there in white socks and panties, cupping her hands over her large breasts.
"I said all." The bandit said.

Maria lowered her panties, got them off one foot and then the other, and dropped them with the rest of her uniform. Then she pulled off one sock and dropped it on the pile of clothes. Then the other. She stood naked in front of the wall. An olive-skinned woman of some years over forty, going on plump, with large breasts about size 42, with large nipples, and large hips. Her black hair with white strands was done in a braid down to her lower back, and the tuft of black hair between her legs was laced with silver. She tried to cover her breasts with her left arm and the hair between her legs with her right hand. She looked smaller naked. Maybe because she was not wearing the armored vest. The bandit ordered her to the center of the room and had her squat, then kneel on the floor. Then they made her spread her legs until she was almost resting flat on the inside of her thighs, and they handcuffed her with her own cuffs. They made her put her face and breasts on the floor. It was an uncomfortable position out of which she could not stand up quickly. I also thought that she'd soon be getting cramps, all stretched out like that. I hoped they only wanted to humiliate her for not giving up the gun and she'd be the only one they'd make take her clothes off, but I was wrong.



First the manager, then me, then Nancy. The manager, a woman who seemed to think herself superior because of her education and position, looked truly angry and mortified. She removed her high-heeled shoes, her jacket and her skirt. The so-called power suit of female executives. Then her smart white blouse. Then her black lace bra and pantyhose. She wore no panties. She stood there in her tanned, athletic, yuppie-ish body. They ordered her to take a kneeling, spread-legged position on the floor, but they did not tie her hands. Instead, the head bandit ordered,
"Grab your cheeks and spread them, boss lady."

Even in this dangerous situation, I could not help smiling to myself at the obvious mortification and humiliation of the manager. But then it was my turn. I have always liked to hurry a bad situation along, so I just stood in front of the wall and added my shoes, dress, brassiere, pantyhose, and panties to the growing pile of clothes. They even told me to slow down when I was too quick to take off my bra. They put me on the floor with the others but did not tie my hands, either. So now it was my turn to spread my cheeks. The place was beginning to smell of woman's vaginas and anuses spread open. Sort of like a girl's locker room without the smell of deodorant and soap. One bandit said,
"Don't you ladies wash? Smells like a fish market in here!" Which only added to our humiliation. Poor Nancy was the last one. She was now trembling and crying and carrying on saying,
"NO! No! I refuse! I won't do it! Take the money and go away! Go away!"
The bandits were losing patience because she would not undress. So I said, "Let me help her." And the head bandit replied,
"Ok, little girl, you too, boss girl, get grandma naked."

We had to calm Nancy down and with more or less force take off her blouse and bra. At this she started crying louder and trying to cover her large, droopy breasts, and we used the chance to get her skirt and slip down around her ankles. She began to grind her thighs together and we almost had to peel the panties off her, leaving her large hips and her gray-covered mound exposed. Then we just eased her out of her shoes and removed her girdle, stockings and garter belt. She was an attractive woman for 59, but bare naked, she looked vulnerable and embarrassed. With her drooping, stretch marked abdomen and wide hips full of rolls and dimples. Maybe it was because of the contrast with the lithe, trim, athletic body of the manager. Who nevertheless was as terrified as we all were. Me? I have always been Plain Jane next door. Although I am described as 'Cute.' We helped Nancy as gently as we could to the floor. The bandits had us make her kneel and then spread her legs. And put her face and breasts against the floor, just like Maria. They tied her hands behind her back with one of those plastic closure strips that do not open again when you lock them but have to be cut.

Then Nancy said "Let me use the bathroom, please." The bandits laughed,
"Uh, oh. Grandma's got to go." Nancy insisted, "Please, I am going to pee myself." She pleaded. It isn't my rug." One bandit said. The other just put a foot on the top of her ample behind, rocked her back and forth, and said, mocking like,
"Well you just go right there if you have to, beautiful. No one will mind."
The leader said to me, "you little girl, on the floor, grab and spread your butt, you know the exercise." I did as I was told.
(to be continued)
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Stripped At The Bank by Plain Jane(part2)

Postby Bare-Belly » Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:39 am

"Boss lady, come here." They grabbed the manager and made her walk nude to the vault. "Open it." they ordered. The manager began to say,
"I do not have the comb--" And she got herself a soft slap across the mouth. She began to sob. One of the bandits grabbed her arm and led her into her office. I could see her from where I lay on the floor, with the only other sight in my field of vision being Maria's hairy labia and protruding clitoris. One of the bandits watched us while the other two threw everything in the manager's desk on the floor. Then they stood the manager in front of her own desk and pushed her across it. They opened the top left drawer of her desk and stuck her breasts inside it. One bandit held her in place while the leader pushed the drawer shut slowly with his boot. The leader asked her again to open the safe and the manager was nodding her head and screaming in a high pitched voice. He also asked her where all the spare keys were.

From where I was on the floor, I could see a puddle forming on the desk and dripping onto the floor below her bare legs dangling in midair. When they came out, they were leading a not only naked but also disheveled and sobbing manager, and they had all the spare keys. They locked the manager's office. The manager's breasts were streaked with oily black and blue lines from the runners of the desk drawer, and tears were running the mascara down her face. There was a line of wetness running from between her shiny, trimmed pubic hair down her legs to her feet. They had not crushed her breasts or really hurt her, but the threat and the scare had been enough to make her cooperate. One of the bandits pulled her by her nipples and then pushed her against the vault door. She had the door open in less than a minute. Then they made her set the automatic lock of the vault to lock as soon as it was closed again. It would stay closed over the weekend.
"You see, it wasn't that hard." Said the leader, and pushed her to the lobby center with a slap to her trim, athletic behind.

Nancy was now moaning, trying to hold her water. She kept clenching and unclenching her buttocks and thighs, squirming and gyrating her hips. The bandits just enjoyed how her nude body squirmed almost as if she were in the middle of having sex. They acted as if they thought it was both sexy and very funny. One teased her by running a boot back and forth over the gray hair between her legs.
"You will get a good shine on that boot." The other one said. "Let me get a shine like that myself." And started to do the same with Maria, while keeping the shotgun pointed at her head.
"Ok," the leader said, "less fun and more work." I was relieved, as I did not really want to have to be a human shoe brush. They made the manager kneel and lay on the floor like the rest of us, and tied her hands behind her back with one of the plastic strips. Then they had me stand up.

They made me go naked through all the registers and put the money in a bank canvas bag. Then they had me walk into the vault naked and made me fill three more bags for them. The leader then nearly frightened the life out of me, playfully poking his shotgun barrel in to my belly-button!
"Good girl." he said, chuckling. "Now gather all those clothes and put them in the vault."
I had feared they were going to lock US in the vault! That was a relief! It took me three trips to put all our clothes, computer and telephone connections, and all the extra keys inside the vault. Our purses, including the one Maria always brought to work, had also been riffled through. They kept our money, credit cards, personal Identification Documents, and driver's licenses. The bandits then threw the purses inside the vault. They closed the vault and kept only the money and negotiable papers, a spare set of keys, our personal documents, and Maria's guns.
"Now, assume the position again, babe." They told me. I got down on the floor and now they tied my wrists, too.

"OHHHH! OHHHH!"Nancy kept moaning.
They turned her bare body over, holding her legs apart, and one of the bandits ran the barrel of a shotgun lightly back and forth along her labia, tickling her. A minute later she sobbed,
A pool of yellow began to flow out of her belly, and the horrified manager had to watch as it extended to where she was lying on the floor and under her.

The leader snickered and said,
"Well ladies, it has been a pleasure. There is no way you can communicate with the outside and we are leaving you locked in here. Of course, I doubt you're in much of a hurry to go home NAKED. By the way, do not try to describe us too well, because now we know where you live. And your families, too." They headed out and the leader pulled a chain and heavy padlock out of a coat pocket.
"When we are far away enough, we will call the cops. Relax and enjoy yourselves. Bye." They left, locked the door from outside, and secured it with the chain and padlock.
(to be continued more!)
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Stripped At The Bank by Plain Jane (part3)

Postby Bare-Belly » Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:47 am

I wanted to get up as soon as I judged they could not look inside. I tried and collapsed back from the pain in the knotted muscles of my legs. The manager tried to spring up from the soaked piece of carpet she was laying on. She got the same results as I did, only she fell headfirst back into Nancy's pee. Maria rolled to the side slowly. Controlling her pain. And she'd been spread the longest in that unnatural position. Nancy just lay there sobbing in humiliation. Maria crawled on her knees to the other two women.
"Are you all right, Ma'am?" She asked the manager.
"No thanks to you." Was the reply. Maria did not need this.
"You're alive." She said, and backed into Nancy to help her stand by supporting her by the arm with her own hands, although these were handcuffed behind her back. As Maria turned around to guide Nancy to a sofa, she knocked the manager back into the puddle. "Oh, sorry!" Maria said.
As soon as I could get up, I went naked all around the bank trying to find something to cut the plastic with. There was nothing. They'd put all scissors, letter openers, and anything else that could cut plastic into the vault.

"I have a very sharp knife. In my uniform. Inside the vault." Maria said with an ironic smile as Nancy and her sat on the sofa. She crooked her shoulder so Nancy could lean her head on it. The fear and excitement of the ordeal had caught up with Nancy. She was falling asleep resting on Maria's shoulder. The manager sat at the other sofa and guffawed.
"And I have got a real sharp letter opener. Inside that locked office." She said, looking at Maria and smiling an equally ironic smile. She looked human, for a change. Maybe it was the fact that she was peed all over. I went to the back and found everything locked, the rear entry, and the bathroom door. The manager and I took turns trying to shout out of the drive-through window. Two cars came to the automatic teller on the other side of the drive-through. We shouted ourselves hoarse asking for help. They just drove away. All four of us sat on the two sofas. Those people had even disconnected the wall clock. But it must have been like four hours. We were four naked women, with our hands tied behind our backs, existing in a little universe made up of a bank lobby and two teller stations. The prospect was to spend the whole weekend here, naked, dirty, tied up, and hungry. Then we would be further humiliated on Monday when they got us out naked in the middle of a busy workday. Nancy was sleeping peacefully. Maybe being the object of a bit of sexual teasing at her age had given her that taste of nirvana. Anyhow, she was sleeping like a baby, and she couldn't be dressed more like the day she was born.

But I had not gone to the bathroom after lunch. I had drunk three large sodas, two cups of coffee, and several cups of water from the cooler. They were catching up with me. And now the door to the bathroom was locked! I kept grinding my thighs together and keeping my legs crossed. My distress and discomfort had not crossed into desperation like Nancy's had. Not yet. I bent at the waist with my breasts hanging down, to somehow ease the discomfort, but my belly still hurt badly. Maria noticed and said, "I always go after lunch. You should do the same. But I think the rug would do nicely in an emergency." The manager looked at me and said with a half-smile, "Go ahead, one more won't make a difference."

I gingerly got off the sofa, spread my legs, and squatted on the floor. It took a while to come, with a little burning sensation at first, as my sphincter dilated. Then a few drops began to fall out. Then a stream and then a rush which landed several inches in front of me when I arched my back. I raised my head in total and ecstatic relief. At the same time I relieved myself, I was thinking of what the serious and straight-laced clients of the bank would think if they saw us now. Even better! What they would think if I did just this same thing at noon in the middle of a business day. Imagine the faces! I am not sure some of the clients would not join me. Especially some of the ladies who also forgot to go to the bathroom in the morning. I saw the others were probably thinking the same since they were smiling and the manager was began to shake with the giggles.

Suddenly, we were enjoying this crazy situation. We could get away with doing stuff that would be unthinkable in a normal workday. It might not matter if we had to spend the whole weekend naked and cooped together like this. We could surely survive it. We had the water cooler full of water, and the whole rest of the rug for when we needed to go to the bathroom. I just felt a little sorry for the manager, who did not have the pleasantly plump curves the other three of us nudes had. She would probably feel hungrier than the rest of us waiting for us to be set free. We sat together like four nuns at a fasting retreat. Only instead of the barefoot, disclaced Carmelites, we would have to be the tied up, stripped naked banker girls! I began to laugh, stood up and collapsed on the sofa, back from the puddle I'd made in the rug, kicking my feet high in the air, and just happy to be alive.

Later, Maria noticed a light outside and she stood up, Nancy came awake and we saw a bunch of helmeted policemen break down the entrance and aim the red dots of their weapons sights at us. They shouted,
"On the ground! Hands on your head!" We all got down. But sorry about the hands. "Can't do. Maria shouted back, "I am a police officer! We are handcuffed!" One of the helmeted cops approached and said "Maria?" Then he paused with an incredulous smile and a look of recognition, taking in the view. They all did. Then he said, "Well, LOOK at you, Maria!"
I did not think an olive-skinned woman could blush that red, but her face got red as a beet. Maria looked at the floor and snapped back, "You just get me a freaking cuff key and a plastic cuff cutter, you freaking, grinning... !"
It looks like the bandits kept their thieves' word about notifying the cops after they were safe and gone. But they told the cops the robbery was in progress. Fortunately, Maria had been there with us and we did not get shot by mistake. So we had to put up with the humiliation of being seen naked by all those cops, who were joking about the smell of open female sex, and spread butt, and piss inside the bank. "Don't these people shampoo their rugs?" They commented, and we just chafed. The automatic time lock on the vault would not open until Monday, and we would not be able to get to our clothes until then. Eventually they wrapped us in a survival blanket each, after they took our statements. We all wore the blankets around us like Indian saris. The blankets were really short, so that was about all they were good for.

We had to sit there naked and give our statements until we were under the blankets and even then we still managed to show our curves. There was not much to say. Three men or three women. All dressed in black. Average build and average height. With shotguns. We did not get the car make and we did not get the license plates. Nancy looked like she was enjoying her newfound sensuality and did not shrink from showing a bit of leg and cleavage, still attractive at her age. She even joked with the cops that seemed to multiply and arrive by the minute. So did Maria, at least after she stopped fuming at the ribbing her former colleagues had been giving her after finding her stripped naked and chained with her own shackles. I think the cops were just dropping by to have a look at us. Then they called the bank management. The manager had to stay and wait for the bank representative and bank security people. The rest of us, the cops drove to the hospital for a check-up. No hurry, we had not been hurt, except in our pride. But even then we had to drop our blankets and be seen naked again. Both the manager and Maria said they had not been hurt, either. Then they drove us to our homes, wrapped only in the survival blankets. The manager had to go last. The price of power, I'm sure. I decided to definitely change my line of work. Maybe to literature.
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