The Degradation of Tricia, Part 1

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The Degradation of Tricia, Part 1

Postby samandlia » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:31 pm

It is what is called an 'Example of the type' of "Hard CMNF" story and is the upper limit of what this site contains. In short This is 'the line' anything more extreme will not be tolerated.


The Degradation of Tricia Part 1

Tricia stared blankly at the TV screen in front of her, scarcely able to believe what she was seeing. There, in full color, was the Math professor, Mr Roberts, leaning back against the classroom desk, his thick cock protruding stiffly from his fly. At his feet knelt a beautiful young girl, brown-haired, her pert young breasts pressing against the thin material of her T-shirt. Her hands were about the professor's throbbing organ, which he was thrusting urgently between her pretty lips, grunting with obvious pleasure as he did so.
In any normal circumstances Tricia would have been shocked at the pictures she was witnessing. She was a good girl, brought up in a small town, where girls just didn't do that sort of thing.
But these were not normal circumstances. She was a long way from the town of her birth, and had learnt that things went on in the world that were very different from the values she had been taught.
But it was much worse than that. The lovely young eighteen-year old girl on her knees before the professor was Tricia herself.
She turned to the grinning couple beside her, the tears welling in her eyes.
"I-I don't understand. How did you know?"
Bella grinned, flashing a perfect row of white teeth.
"Because the bastard of a professor made the same offer to me," she replied. "He told me that if I blew the dirty sod off, I'd get my Math mark improved to an A."
The young man beside Bella put his arm about her. "But my little sister's cleverer than that, aren't you sis? She knew that she wouldn't be the only one he made the offer to."
"That's right. I watched the bastard and, sure enough, he came to you."
More to the point," said the man. "Once Roberts gets a look at this video he's gonna be real anxious to increase Bella's marks to an A plus plus."
"Sure," grinned Bella. "When I saw him talking to you, I knew what was going on. It was easy to hide in the closet with Tony's camcorder'"
Tricia looked at the pair, shocked at the way they spoke. If truth be told, she had never been able to get on with Bella. The brash, sexy, dark-haired beauty was everything she wasn't. Popular with the other girls in her class, a leader, always the center of attention. Tricia, on the other hand, was more the studious type, preferring to stay in her college apartment with her books whilst the other girls were out partying. In fact, Tricia had few friends, and didn't mix much with the other girls. Of her male classmates, there was just one, Steve Sutton, who interested her. Steve was good-looking and friendly, and she often chatted with him. However he showed no sign of reciprocating the attraction she felt for him, and Tricia was too shy to let him know her feelings.
Tony, Bella's brother, was also far from being her taste in men. Cocky and self-confident as his lovely younger sister, his dark, Latin looks making him popular with Bella's school friends. At twenty-four, he was older and more worldly wise than the girls, and Tricia had always been a little afraid of him.
She was more afraid now, though, as she watched her image on the screen accept a mouthful of hot semen from the professor. She saw herself gagging, as a drop of the thick fluid escaped from her lips and dripped onto her T-shirt.
Bella laughed. "What's professor spunk taste like, you little whore?"
Tricia felt the color rise in her cheeks, but she said nothing. What a fool she'd been to agree to the professor's suggestion. She should have refused right from the start. The trouble was, she knew her parents expected her to get straight A's, and that they would be scrutinizing her report card when she returned. Whilst she had done well in all her other subjects, Math had always been her weak point.
When Roberts had first suggested she use her pretty body to improve her mark, she had been shocked. Considering the offer later, though, she had realized that if she wasn't to upset her parents when she went home, she would have to improve her Math mark. Once she had decided to go ahead and do it, it had been just a single, simple act, and she had done her best to forge about it afterwards. She had never dreamed that Bella would film the whole thing.
"Wh-what are you going to do?" she asked the brother and sister fearfully.
Bella grinned, and turned to her brother. "Just four weeks to the end of the semester," she said. "Time enough to train up a slave?"
Tony smiled back. "Time enough," he replied.
"What do you mean?"
Bella moved close to Tricia. She was taller than the young beauty and, as she stared down into her face, her brown eyes narrowed.
"If you want to keep this video secret, you've gonna do exactly what Tony and I tell you to, understand?"
"Wh-what do you want me to do?"
"Just things."
"What kind of things?"
"Well, we've seen what you're good at, already. We're gonna make you use that pretty little body of yours some more."
Suddenly Tony slid his arm about her slim waist. He moved his hand up to cup her breast. Tricia tried to pull away, but he held her tight.
"From here on Bella and I own the rights to your body," he said. "We'll tell you what you can wear and when."
"And especially we'll tell you who you can fuck," said his sister.
"What? But I don' know. I'm still a virgin."
"Not for long, you silly bitch."
"You can't be serious"
"We're deadly fucking serious you cock sucking slut!"
"We're gonna show you how far you can go with selling your body"
"No! You can't! I won't do it! Ow!"
Tricia gave a cry of pain as Tony pinched her nipple through her clothing.
"Then this video gets distributed about the school. And I'm sure your parents would like a copy."
"No! You can't. You mustn't." Tricia felt the tears well up in her eyes as she faced the pair.
"Then tell us we're your master and mistress."
"Look. I'll give you money! I haven't got much, but I can get a job!"
"Looks like this video's gonna get sent out," said Bella.
"Imagine what Mummy and Daddy will think when they see how their little girl gets her grades."
"Tell us we're your master and mistress."
Tricia opened her mouth to reply. Then her shoulders slumped as she realized she had no choice.
"You-you're my master and mistress," she mumbled.
"And your body is ours to control."
"And my body is yours to control."
Tony slid his hand down her front and slipped it under her jumper. Moments later his hand was inside her bra, cupping her soft, warm breast. Tricia squirmed under his touch, but said nothing.
"That's it, slut," he said. "Enjoy it." He turned to his sister. "I get her first." He said.
He turned her round to face him, still caressing her breast. "I'm coming round to your apartment this evening. You'll be pleased to see me, won't you?"
Tricia felt the blood rise in her cheeks. "Yes," she replied.
"In fact so pleased that you'll be naked when I arrive."
"N-naked?" Tricia's heart sank.
"That's right. My obedient little slut of a girlfriend loves being round men in the nude, even complete strangers, doesn't she?"
"I-I don't know."
He pinched her nipple again.
"Doesn't she?" he said again.
"I... I guess so."
"Say it."
"I... I love being round men in the nude. Even complete strangers."
He pushed her away, sending her staggering against the wall. She stood, struggling to rearrange her top.
"I'll be there at eight sharp," he said "Now get out."
Tricia glanced at the clock on the wall of her small apartment. It was seven fifty-five. Her stomach churned as she thought of what might happen that evening. She stepped into her bedroom and stood in front of her mirror. She was wearing a bathrobe. She had got out of the bath more than a half hour before, but had not dressed. Now she fingered the garment nervously.
She couldn't really go through with this could she? She couldn't take the humiliation of being a slave to that evil pair? But what choice did she have? The prospect of her parents seeing the tape and hearing of her behavior was one she simply couldn't countenance.
Slowly she undid the belt of her gown. Then she let it slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She ran her eyes down her naked form.
There was no doubt that he petite young girl was beautiful. From her pretty young face, with its almond-shaped green eyes, high cheekbones and small, kissable mouth, down to her elegant feet, she was simply lovely. Her body was one any girl would die for. Her breasts were pert and inviting, the size and shape of ripe oranges, the brown nipples standing proud. Her belly was flat, her pubic triangle neatly trimmed.
But perhaps the most striking thing was her vagina. The lips were thick and full, her slit well forward, so that it was eminently visible, even when her legs were together. When she spread her legs even slightly, the bud of her clitoris came into view. She stared down at herself, wishing her sex was less prominent. She ran a hand down between her legs, her fingers brushing against her love button, and a small shiver ran through her.
Tricia froze, totally surprised. Surely she wasn't turned on by what was about to happen? Only a slut would find excitement in displaying her naked body to a virtual stranger. She wondered how she would feel if it was Steve, rather than Tony, that she was expecting. But Steve, at least would show her some respect, whereas Tony was an animal. Yet there was an undeniable warmth in her groin and, despite her own disgust at the idea, she felt a trickle of moisture deep inside her vagina.
Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Tricia gave a start, snatching her fingers from between her legs, her color rising instantly. She took a step into her front room, then stopped, staring at the door.
The bell rang again. Cautiously the naked beauty moved forward and put her eye to the peephole. There stood Tony, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. As she watched he knocked on the door.
"C'mon slut. I know you're there. You better be naked!"
"Tony?" she said in a plaintive voice.
"Open up."
"Could I just put my bathrobe on?"
"Fucking open up, bitch, or I'll bang on this door 'till all the other folk living here come out to see what's happening.
Tricia felt a chill run through her at these words. If anyone saw her letting Tony in whilst she was nude... Many of the other apartments in the block were rented to sorority girls, some of whom were in her year. She couldn't possibly let them see her like this.
He banged on the door again, this time harder.
"Open the fucking door."
Slowly, her heart pounding, the beautiful teenager reached out a hand for the doorknob.
She opened it a crack, and peered out.
"Tony..." she began, but already he had shoved the door wide. Tricia slapped a hand over her pubis and wrapped an arm across her breast, looking anxiously behind him to make sure nobody was watching. He stood, his eyes roving over her slim, petite form.
"Ain't you gonna invite me in? Or do you want me to drag you out here and close the door?"
"N-no," she said hurriedly stepping back. "Come inside, please."
He grinned and stepped past her. She pushed the door closed with her hip, unwilling to remove her hands from her private parts.
Tony was carrying a plastic shopping bag, which he dropped onto the floor. He turned to face the cowering, red-faced girl.
"Glad to see you were sensible enough to do as you were told," he said. "Now let me get a look at you. Stand up straight, open your legs and put your hands at your sides. Move!"
The last word was shouted like an army drill sergeant, and Tricia jumped at the violence in his tone. Slowly, reluctantly, she straightened. Then, her face scarlet, she moved her legs apart. Her head hanging in shame she let her arms drop to her sides, revealing her feminine charms to her visitor.
Tony gave a low whistle. "Very nice," he said. "Very nice indeed. Pretty tits and a great cunt. Turn around and show me your ass."
Tricia obeyed, shuffling around and allowing him a perfect view of her lovely, firm bottom.
He brought the flat of his hand down on her rear cheek, making it sting terribly. She cowered back from him, instinctively covering the taut, soft flesh with her hands.
"Almost perfect," he grinned. "Too much hair on your pussy, though. Go shave it."
"You heard me. Go shave between your legs. Shave the lot off. That'll make you look even more of a slut."
"But I can't..."
Once again the man's heavy hand came down on her bare backside, making her squeal with pain.
"Just fucking do it!"
Tears welling in her eyes, the beautiful teenager retreated to the bathroom. She picked up a razor and foam. She had never contemplated shaving down there before. That was something that whores and sluts did, not nice girls like her. What would the other girls think if they saw it whilst she was changing in the gym? But, once again, she realized that she had no choice but to obey. The man and his sister held all the cards in this awful game of humiliation.
It took her more than ten minutes to remove every trace of pubic hair. When she had finished and rinsed herself down, she stopped in front of the mirror.
What she saw made her gap with dismay. Her slit was totally visible now, her prominent mons bare and smooth. It felt oddly cool down there, and she shivered slightly as she considered the sight she made.
"You done yet, slut? Get your fucking ass in here."
The order sent a chill through the naked youngster. Reluctantly she turned away from the mirror and made her way back into the front room.
Tony was lounging on the sofa. On the table in front of him was an open six-pack, and he was swigging from a half-empty bottle.
"Get over here, let me see. Spread your fucking legs you whore!"
Tricia moved across to where he was sitting. Every instinct in her body told her to cover her newly-denuded sex, but she dare not. She stopped in front of him, moving her legs apart, her face scarlet with shame.
"Hmm, not bad," he said. Press your hips forward and open your legs some more. You know you love showing off that cunt of yours."
Tricia obeyed, bending her knees slightly and pressing her hips forward, so that she knew her clitoris would be visible to him.
He reached out a hand and cupped her sex. Immediately she pulled away from him, instinctively trying to protect herself.
This time the blow was across her breast, leaving a bright red mark on the pale, soft flesh, as she whimpered with the pain.
"Don't shrink away from me you stupid bitch," he said. "Remember, your body is mine now to do what I like with. Now get back here."
Tears trickling down her pretty cheeks, the teenager moved forward again and resumed the humiliating stance. This time her body jumped as his hand closed over her sex, but she stayed where she was.
"This is some fuck-hole," he said.
He protruded a finger and pressed it up inside her. Tricia gasped at the sensation. No man had ever touched her there before. What she had told him that morning was the truth. She was a virgin, although she masturbated occasionally and she knew her hymen was no longer intact.
"Shit that's good," he murmured. Nice thick pussy lips, but a hole as tight as a hen's ass. Really nice. In fact that's gonna be your new name."
She looked at him quizzically.
"Cunt," he said, laughing. "That's what you're called now. He twisted his finger, bringing another gasp from the naked girl. "Tell me your name."
Tricia didn't speak at first. But when he raised his hand to strike her, she swallowed and spoke.
"Cunt," she said.
"Tell me." name is Cunt." She whispered.
"That's good, Cunt," he said. "Now c'mon, you know you love having a finger up there. Show it. Move your fucking hips like the whore you are."
Tricia gave a low moan of despair. How much more would this dreadful man ask of her? Slowly she began to gyrate her hips, pressing her vagina down onto his hand, forcing his finger deeper inside her.
"That's good," he murmured." Shit, you're starting to get wet, you dirty bitch."
Tricia's color increased as she realized he was right. Even now she could feel a warm wetness seeping into her sex. Despite her revulsion at what she was being forced to do, her body was betraying her by responding to the intimate caresses it was being subjected to. She closed her eyes in shame as she continued her lewd dance of lust on his penetrating fingers.
"Now, let's lay the ground rules for our relationship," he said.
"Ground rules?"
"Sure. You gotta understand your place around me. Now, for a start, when you're anyplace with me alone you must be completely naked. Got that?"
"I... I think so."
"Sure you do. Now if there's more than three other people around, you can wear one article of clothing."
"Wassamatter. Don't you hear good?"
"But I..."
"The rule's simple. More than three other people, and you can put on one thing without asking my permission. Even then I can tell you to take it off. So what happens if there's me and three other guys in a room when you arrive?"
"I-I have to be naked."
"And you always sit and stand with your legs open, so guys get a good look at your cunt."
"I understand."
"Good. Shit you're getting really wet now. Does that idea turn you on, Cunt?"
Tricia did not answer. But deep inside she knew she was becoming aroused, though why she was at a loss to understand. She continued to thrust her hips forward against his hand, aware that her clitoris was swollen now as it rubbed against his coarse flesh.
"Second thing is that you do exactly what I tell you," he went on. "And you obey instantly. If you hesitate, you get punished."
"Sure. You ever have your bare ass thrashed?"
"Then be a good girl and it won't happen. When your ass has had enough I'll thrash these pretty tits of yours. Understand?"
Tricia hung her head. "I understand."
"Good. Now when you're around my friends and naked, you gotta act like you're enjoying it."
"What do you mean?"
"You gotta flaunt it. Make like it's your idea, not mine."
"But people would think I'm..."
"That you're a cheap slut. That's right. "That's the idea. I don't want nobody to know it's my idea. I want them to think it's you. Got that?"
"I-I think so."
"And I'm not gonna give you open orders in company," he went on. "The key words are,'you know you want to'"
"I don't understand."
"When I say those words, what I'm really saying is that's an order. And disobeying orders means you get a thrashing. Now what are the key words?"
"You know you want to."
Tricia's mind was racing. She had always been a good girl, and chaste. How could he ask her to take on the role of a woman who went about naked, with a shaved pussy? Yet the idea sent an odd thrill through her pretty young body and, as he continued to masturbate her, a shiver of arousal ran through her.
Just at that moment, the doorbell rang. Tricia leaped back, away from her tormentor, clutching her hands to her private parts once again.
"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "There's somebody at the door. I'll have to put my clothes on."
Once again the flat of Tony's hand came down stingingly on her bare behind.
"You forgotten the rules already, you stupid whore?"
"B-but there's somebody ringing the bell!"
"Take a look who it is."
Tricia stared at him for a moment. Then she moved across to the door and put her eye to the peephole. What she saw made her heart sink. There were two men outside the door. Both were in their late twenties, both wearing scruffy T-shirts and jeans. One had his head shaved, the other wore long, lank hair.
"It's two men. I've never seen them before. Maybe if we keep quiet they'll go away."
"Is one of them bald, with a moustache?"
"They're friends of mine. I asked them to meet me here. Let them in."
"But I've got no clothes on!"
"Yeah. And there's only two of them. Remember the rule?"
Tricia's jaw dropped as the full import of what he said came to her. She had agreed to his rules without really thinking. Now she was faced with the reality of obeying them. She stared at the door, momentarily unable to move.
"And remember who's idea it is to be naked," he said.
Slowly, almost mechanically, Tricia walked to the door. She took hold of the handle, then cast a despairing glance back at Tony. The man smiled and nodded his head.
Tricia took a last look to see that there was nobody else outside, then opened the door. She stood, her arms at her sides, her legs apart, her cheeks glowing as she confronted at the two men.
"Fuck me!"
"Holy shit!"
The two men stared in surprise at the naked youngster standing before them, her firm breasts jutting forward, her prominent sex open. She could feel the moisture that had leaked onto her sex lips as Tony had frigged her, and she knew the men could see it.
"Come in guys," said Tony.
The pair stepped in, and Tricia closed the door with some relief. She turned to face the men, being careful to keep her legs apart.
"This is my new friend. She's at school with Bella."
"Fuck me, she some kind of exhibitionist?"
"Tell them, baby"
"I-I like being around men in the nude." She said shyly.
"That's fine by us. What's your name?"
Tricia lowered her eyes. "They call me Cunt."
The men laughed aloud. "Fuck me that suits you," said the bald-headed man.
"Take a seat boys," said Tony. "Cunt, this is Pete and Hal. You'll find she's real hospitable guys. Get the boys a beer, Cunt."
Tricia took two of the beers from Tony's pack and went into the kitchen. Once out of sight, she steadied herself against the counter, feeling very dizzy. What was she doing? she wondered. What was happening to her? She gazed down at her naked body. She had never felt so humiliated in her life.
"Where's those fucking beers?" shouted Tony.
Tricia pulled an opener from the drawer and flipped the caps off the bottles. Then, her face still red, she carried them into the living room.
The two men sat at either end of the sofa. Their eyes traveled hungrily over Tricia's breasts and vagina as she walked in. As she handed his beer to the long-haired one, who had been introduced as Hal, he reached out and cupped her bare breast, his fingers caressing the nipple.
"A chick like you can make a guy real horny," he said.
"That's good," said Tony "Because going about naked makes Cunt horny, don't it baby?"
Tricia hesitated, then nodded slowly.
"That's why I brought you a present," said Tony. "Look in the bag."
Tricia stared at him for a moment, then at the bag which was lying at his feet.
"Go ahead."
Tricia moved warily across, and bent down to pick up the bag, aware that this presented the men with a perfect view of her bare ass. She straightened and reached inside, drawing out a long, narrow box.
"Open it."
She pulled off the lid, then her jaw dropped.
Inside was a vibrator.
"Take it out."
Gingerly the frightened youngster picked up the vibrator. It was smooth and white, about ten inches long, thick, with a rough rubber hook at the base.
"It's Bella's, but she lent it me. Turn it on."
Tricia had never seen such a device before, let alone held one. She held it in her fingertips, as if it were too hot to handle, and turned it over slowly. There was an arrow on the base, and she twisted it. At once she almost dropped it as it hummed to life in her hands.
"Like it?" said Tony.
"Th-thank you," she said quietly. She turned the device off and went to put it down on the table.
"Go on, try it out," said Tony. "I know you're dying to use it."
Tricia stared at him in disbelief. He couldn't be serious surely? She wouldn't use a device like that even in the privacy of her bedroom. The thought of someone seeing her use it was beyond imagination. Yet, when she looked into Tony's face, she could see he was serious.
"Perhaps later," she mumbled.
"No, now," he insisted. You know you want to."
Tricia's heart froze as the words left his lips. This was an order. She had to obey on pain of a thrashing. Her heart pounding, she reached down and picked up the vibrator.
"C'mon baby, give us a show," said Pete.
"Yeah, fuck yourself with it." Put in Hal
Tricia held the item for a second, fighting down the panic that was rising inside her. Then she twisted the base and it hummed into life.
"Open your legs and put it in," said Tony.
Tricia closed her eyes. Then, widening her stance and bending her knees slightly, she moved the shiny tip down to her sex.
She gave a tiny start as it came into contact with her clitoris. She almost pulled it away, but her fear of Tony was too great. Slowly, gradually, she began to press it against the entrance to her vagina.
Tricia gasped as the vibrating object penetrated her. She paused as conflicting feelings of revulsion and pleasure fought for her mind.
"Push it up, baby. Right inside."
Hal and Pete were on the edge of their seats now, their eyes glued to the naked teenager as she pressed the vibrator deeper into the heat of her pussy. Tricia wanted the floor to open and swallow her up as she continued with her shameful act, pressing the vibrator further into her.
Then the rough hook at the base came into contact with her clitoris, and she gave a sudden cry. Her love bud hardened instantly, and Pete let out a guffaw."
"The dirty bitch has got a hard-on in her clit." He laughed. "Go on, Cunt, show us how you masturbate."
"Yeah frig yourself good," put in Hal.
Once again Tricia hesitated. And once again she realized she had no choice but to obey. Slowly she began to work the vibrator in and out of her cunt. As she did so, a wave of lust shook her young body. Every time she pressed the object in, the rough object at the base rubbed against her swollen clitoris, sending an extraordinary thrill though her naked body, spurring her to press harder, her shame momentarily forgotten as her lewd desires overcame her.
"That's it. Go baby go!"
Tricia's mind was a whirl of emotions as she thrust the vibrator back and forth inside her vagina. Across the room she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, and a wave of shame ran over her as she saw the slim, naked figure hunched forward, her breasts shaking, her knees bent as she rammed the sex toy into her. Could that really be her? That brazen slut who was thrusting her hips forward against the buzzing plastic object, her mouth open, her forehead furrowed as she masturbated for all she was worth?
Her orgasm came suddenly, taking her by surprise at its intensity, her entire body shaking with lust as she cried aloud and the men applauded. She continued to thrust the vibrator into her, remaining at her peak for what seemed ages until, at last, the excitement began to drain from her and her actions slowed.
Then she was over it, and the awful enormity of what she had done threatened to overwhelm her as she let the vibrator slip from her vagina and fall to the floor. Almost overcome with shame she stood, arms at her side, her head hanging in disgrace as the laughing men applauded her.
Moments later Hal was on his feet, grabbing her by the arm. His other hand closed over her bare breast, mauling it ferociously.
"C'mon babe. What you need is a proper cock inside you."
Tricia stared at him in alarm, trying to pull away from his firm grasp. Surely she'd done enough for the pleasure of these rough men? Surely they didn't expect her to surrender her virginity as well? She threw a despairing glance ay Tony.
"Go on, Cunt," he said." You know you want to."
"But I..."
Tricia's protests were lost as the powerful Hal dragged her into the bedroom. He threw her naked body onto the bed and stood, grinning down at her.
"Spread your legs you whore," he said. "I got just what you want."
Tricia watched anxiously as he undid his jeans and freed his cock from his pants. I t was the first penis she had ever seen, and she stared at it with mounting apprehension. It was thick and stiff, the circumcised tip swollen with arousal, a bead of male dew shining as it dribbled from the end. Hal closed his hand about his shaft and worked it back and forth.
"This is what sluts like you want, isn't it," he grinned.
Tricia said nothing, struck dumb by the enormity of what was happening. She had always imagined herself losing her virginity on her wedding night to a man to whom she had pledged her troth. The rough man, who stood over her was probably ten years her senior, with a developing beer belly, his arms covered with tattoos. The sort of man she would have crossed the road to avoid. Now she lay here totally naked, her legs spread invitingly as he knelt between them, whilst two other men watched her submit.
Hal grabbed hold of her hips, prostrating himself over her soft, nude body. He hadn't even bothered to remove his jeans, and his breath stank of beer as he brought his unshaven cheek against hers.
"You ready to fuck, Cunt?" he said. He reached down between his legs and took hold of his penis.
Tricia gasped as she felt his glans press against the portals of her sex. She wanted to push him away, to end this unwanted, unbidden intimacy. Instead she was obliged to spread her legs still wider, only too aware of the signal of acquiescence this was giving.
All at once, Hal thrust his hips forward and she felt his stiff rod force its way into her. She gave a little cry as he drove his weapon deep into her, his grinning face hanging above hers as he took her without thought for her own agreement. Once inside he began thrusting urgently into her, his hips ramming against hers, shaking her lovely young body with the violence of his desire, heedless to her cries as he took his pleasure inside her lovely young body.
He was fucking her hard, like an animal, his tongue slobbering over her pretty face as he humped her, his rough hands mauling her soft, bare breasts whilst he rammed his erection deep within her. Tricia sensed his arousal increasing as he screwed her ever harder, his hips hammering against hers.
Then she felt his whole body stiffen, and a grunt escaped his lips as he began pumping hot, thick spunk into her open vagina, his cock twitching as his climax hit him.
Tricia hadn't meant to come. The orgasm that suddenly shook her young body was totally unexpected. All at once she was crying aloud, her body heaving in spasms of desire as she came and came again, her back arched, her hips thrusting upward against the man who was violating her so roughly.
"Shit, what a whore," said Pete. "Out of the way Hal. I gotta fuck the bitch."
Tricia was barely aware of the cock being withdrawn from within her pulsating vagina. When Pete thrust his thick member into her she simply accepted it, moaning softly as she felt herself forcefully penetrated for a second time.
The second fucking was no less violent than the first, and this time se responded animatedly, her hips pumping back and forth as she moaned with desire. She knew the men could see how aroused she was, and she could hear Hal and Tony laughing at her as she bucked and heaved under the strong, coarse man who was using her for his pleasure.
When he came, she came, the orgasm even more violent as she reveled in the rough treatment of her tormentors.
She must have lost consciousness for a second. When she opened her eyes all three men were fully dressed, staring down at her spreadeagled form, the spunk trickling from her vagina as she lay there. She had expected that Tony would fuck her as well, but he was apparently uninterested, swigging from his beer bottle as he sneered at the deflowered teenager.
"You guys had enough of this slut?"
"Sure. Bitch has given me what I want.
"Then let's get the fuck out of here and go and find a drink."
Tricia watched as Hal and Pete wandered back into the front room, her face scarlet with shame. She couldn't believe that she had just given herself in the most intimate way a woman could. Given herself freely, like some common whore to two men who had nothing but contempt for her. She hid her face and began sobbing softly.
Tong grabbed her hair and turned her face to his.
"Not a bad start, Cunt. Just make sure you remember the rules."
He strode to the door, then stopped and turned to her.
"By the way, Bella and some of her buddies are going out to a cabin in the woods this weekend. You're invited. Should be fun."
With that he led his two companions out of the door, slamming it behind him, leaving the naked, humiliated young teenager sobbing with shame on her bed.
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Postby RJ TAYLER » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:30 am


Thank you for sharing this small sample of your work with us here. I truly appreciate your efforts and your story too. I hope that some of your other works can find their way here. Or at least the synopsis of: in any case. THANK YOU

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Lords, Ladies, Boys, Girls and other associated human beings and......
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Postby Bare-Belly » Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:46 pm

This is not erotica by any stretch of the word. Between the blackmail, threats of violence, and rap-song attitude shown towards the poor girl, any civilized country on earth would legally label the acts of these men as RAPE. And that is certainly NOT the purpose of this board!

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Re: The Degradation of Tricia, Part 1

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:21 pm

I must cuncur with Bare-Belly. Even though the girl is eighteen and consents it's still RAPE since she is under duress and would not perform these acts willingly without the threats.
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